Russian human rights activists demanded to restore forgotten Google links

Public organization Roskomsvoboda filed in the Moscow Arbitration court lawsuit against Google, demanding to restore the results in the search results links that have been removed under the “right to oblivion”. About it “RIA Novosti” said the plaintiffs ‘ attorney Sarkis Darbinyan.

Lawyers Roskomsnab act in the interests of information-analytical center “Sova”, dealing with the problems of xenophobia and nationalism. Human rights activists want to challenge “inaccurate and ambiguous wording of the law on “right to oblivion”, says the message of the organization, which refers to “Interfax”.

The plaintiffs seek to recover from Google in search results, the issuance of links leading to two page “Owls”, on which were placed the reports of two court proceedings in cases of incitement of hatred or enmity on the grounds of hatred (article 282 of the criminal code). The deletion of references to “the Owl” received from Google in March 2016.

The center considered that such a “sweep search” restricts the rights of public organizations freedom of dissemination of information, the lawyer explained. According to Darbinian, the Sova believes that the information in question were distributed legally, and the center had not received any requirements for admission prohibited.

The lawyer also noted that crime on the 282-th article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation belong to the category of crimes against the constitutional order and security, and therefore information about them is of high public importance and can not be removed by only one application of an individual, without regard to the interests of society.

In addition, said the lawyer, “this case reveals several weak points of the existing law about the right to oblivion”.

“First, it completely ignores the rights and interests of owners of sites distributing information that someone is trying to hide. The legislature has not provided for site owners neither the right to object to the pretrial order on the requirement to delete links from search results, no clear mechanism of judicial review of actions of search engines and the initial applicants”, — the lawyer noted.

A Google spokesperson has not yet responded to the request .