The former judge opened a criminal case on fraud with land of Hope Tsapok

The case on the ground

TFR opened a criminal case about frauds with the earth family of Tsapok in respect of retired judges Svetlana Martynova. On Tuesday the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin on the website of the Department.

According to investigators, in 2011 the judge of the arbitration court of Rostov region Martynov began to mediate in the sale of a plot of land with an area of 13 thousand hectares intended for agricultural activities. The land at that time belonged to the company of Hope Tsapok — the mother of the leader of an organized criminal group in the village of Kushchevskaya (Krasnodar Krai).

According to the TFR, the judge invited the two local businessmen to purchase the land for 74.5 million rubles — and the money, 52 million rubles were supposed to go to the judge herself, and the remaining part of the former owner. According to the portal “the Right.<url>”, we are talking about entrepreneurs Chabanove and Karavaiko, representing the company OOO “Agroholding “Kanevsky” and JSC “Concern Pokrovsky”.

Investigators insist that the business was transferred to judge 40 million rubles, but the ground never got Martynov extended area on their relatives and friends, including his brother, and the money was abducted.

A mediator

Now criminal case is initiated against Martynova on fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal code), the message says Markin.

Permission to initiate criminal prosecution of TFR was achieved in six months. Despite the fact that in 2013 Martynov resigned, she was sparsomycin. By law, a criminal case against her could be filed only with the permission of the Higher qualifying Board of judges (vkks). Such permission, the investigators got back in November 2015, but Martynov appealed to the disciplinary Board of the Supreme court and then in appellate court.

As follows from the case materials, nor to the meetings of the CCG or the Supreme court itself, the judge did not come and referred to the poor state of health. In their complaints, Martynov asked to cancel the decision of the Vienna Convention and referred to procedural violations. So, she insisted that the minutes of the meeting do not match the number of participants and the number of voters in the decision.

As the telegrams Martynova, she was sent to court, she is not guilty and claims that although he acted as a mediator for the sale of land, no money from the businessmen did not.

The hearing was delayed until 9 June, when the Board of appeals sun set point — dismissing all complaints Martynova. After this decision entered into force, and the investigators received the right to initiate proceedings.

The Gang Tsapkov

The investigation of the case of the gang Sergei Hoe began after November 4, 2010 in the village of Kushchevskaya in Krasnodar region killed 12 people — the family farmer Server ametova and its visitors.

As established investigators, the gang Hoe wielded in Kushchevskaya from 1998 to 2010. In total, its members have killed 19 people. In 2013, the gang members were sentenced to various terms — from 19 years in prison to life imprisonment. Himself Tsapok in the summer of 2014 died in prison. The cause of death, according to official data, there was a blockage by a blood clot of the pulmonary artery. Three more gang members killed himself.

In 2016, the mother of Sergei Tsapok Hope was convicted of land fraud and sentenced to 7,5 years of a colony. The court found that she had illegally registered the land rights for agricultural purposes with an area of 187 hectares, which belonged to the administration of the village Kushchevskaya.

could not determine whether the trial judge Martynova talking about the same ground.

In December 2015, the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny has told about joint business Tsapkov and wives of high-ranking employees of the Prosecutor General. According to the FCO, Olga Lopatina, ex-wife of the Deputy Prosecutor General Gennady Lopatin, and Hope Staroverova, the wife of Alexei Staroverova, who was the head Manager of the Prosecutor General, together with the wives of Sergei Hoe and Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz owned company “the Kuban Sugar”. The defendants in the investigation of the charges denied. Lopatin attempted to refute them in court.