The Israeli air force struck the Syrian army because of an errant shell

Israeli aircraft attacked artillery positions of Syrian government forces, reports The Times of Israel. This happened after the Syrian side the projectile came, fell in controlled tel Aviv the Golan heights.

As reported by the Israeli army on the Golan heights fell “crazy bomb, launched during military action in Syria.” In response, the Israeli air force struck a missile launcher to the Syrian army.

A similar incident occurred on July 25. Then the Israeli air force also struck at Syria. The military explained that the attack was retaliatory, his goal was a place where previously opened fire on Israeli-controlled territory. Most likely, said representatives of the army of Israel, there were random flights of shells.

The firing point was successfully affected affected by military action there, said the army press-service.

The Syrian side said that Israeli warplanes fired two missiles at al-Baath, the blow fell on a residential building, which caused material damage. The city controlled by government forces, although in the region there are terrorist groups, including the banned in Russia “Islamic state” and “Frente al-Nusra”.