The police detained the tractor rally on Moscow

Participants in the tractor March on Moscow was detained and forced into buses. This was stated by the participant, Krasnodar farmer Oleg Petrov.

According to Petrov, the arrest of farmers conducted by the riot police. “We squeezed, they rose up the chain and forced us into buses,” — said the farmer. He stated that participants brought to the Department.” Some sitting there, others on the bus. Peter himself is in office, he did not say, “what and how detained”.

The detainees “just stopped by in the yard Department.” “They will be engaged in the district,” — said the operations duty officer of Department of the MIA of Russia in the Aksaysky area the major Sergey Astapov.

One of the organizers of the action Alexey Volchenko said the TV channel “Rain” that detained all who went — “60-70 people”. According to Volchenko, the protesters “sitting in a cafe and did not commit any illegal actions”, the detention was carried out about a hundred fighters of OMON. The activists were taken to the police station Aksay, Rostov region, he added.

Protest Krasnodar farmers was found to be illegal, the newspaper “Kommersant”. This statement was made by the representative of GUVD of the Rostov region to farmers.