The withdrawal of Russian aircraft from an airbase in Iran, explained “the misunderstanding”

As told “Kommersant” a source in the military authorities of the Russian Federation, the Russian military wanted to use the airbase not only airfields, but also as a full-fledged military facility with the respective arsenals. But Tehran, the source said, this option did not suit.

Earlier, Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehgan has expressed open dissatisfaction with the way the news about the use of the database is covered by the Russian side. “The Russians are interested in how to show themselves to the superpower and to ensure its role in determining the political future of Syria. And of course, they had observed a certain amount of posturing and ungentlemanly behavior,” said Hossein Dehgan.

Russian strategic bombers Tu-22M3 and multifunctional su-34 arrived at the base Hamadan on August 16. The presence of the first said portal to the Syrian Al-Masdar News. After this story about the military missions was shown by TV channel “Russia 2”. The official reports of the Russian Ministry of defense base at Hamadan was called the place home. No mention of the term of the agreements with Tehran, the Russian defense Ministry did not. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu public comment is not allowed.