Georgia expressed dissatisfaction with the teachings of Russia in the Caucasus

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Georgia Mikhail Dzhanelidze told reporters on Wednesday that the holding of Rossica large-scale military exercises in the North Caucasus “is not conducive to peace and security in the region.”

“We regularly provide information to our partners and international organizations and speak about those dangers that accompany such actions. We continue to monitor the activity of the Russian side in the region”, — quotes the words Janelidze “Interfax”.

Earlier Wednesday, the press service of the southern military district reported that the 18 polygons of the North Caucasus and southern Russia began field camp fees of missile troops, in which take part more than 11 thousand servicemen and more than 2,2 thousand units of equipment, including “Iskander-M”.

The exercises, which will last until 16 September, will take place in particular on the Russian military bases in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, said the press service of YUVO.