Syria accused Turkey of violating the sovereignty of the country

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Syria condemned the invasion of Turkey into the country near the town of Jerablus in the framework of the operation against the “Islamic state” (LIH, a banned terrorist organization), Reuters reports, citing Syrian state TV.

The Syrian foreign Ministry said that any operation to combat terrorism within the borders of the state should be carried out in coordination with Damascus, and accused Ankara that it is trying to replace ISIS and other terrorist groups, calling them rebels.

On Wednesday, Turkish tanks crossed the border and invaded Turkey with the support of American aviation. The operation, dubbed “Shield of the Euphrates river”, began at dawn. Invasion predshestvovali a massive artillery bombardment of areas controlled by ISIS militants.

In the attack on the positions of ISIS participate support Syria’s rebels of the free Syrian army who has managed to recapture a village near the town of Jerablus, which is located three kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border. About it reports Reuters, citing Turkish news Agency Anadolu.