“The first channel” have found replacement Irade Zeynalova says in the final program “Time”

Competitor Kiseleva

“The first channel” has picked up a replacement leading weekly analytical program “Vremya”, published on Sunday (formerly the Sunday times). Instead of Irada Zeynalova leading in the new season will become the General Director of media holding “Expert” Valery Fadeev, told two employees of the TV channel and confirmed a familiar Fadeeva. Fadeev himself declined to comment .

Now Fadeev is the sample in the Studio program “Time”, added another member of the “First”.

Chief editor of the “Sunday time” Oksana Rostovtseva said that the program is not published since mid-July. “The season will begin on September 4 we are now on vacation, not know anything,” she said. The press service of the “First channel” on the request is not answered.

Zeynalova, most likely, will remain on the channel, she told her colleague, she can offer to lead some kind of talk show. The latest edition of the “Sunday time” Zeynalova came 10 July 2016. Since July 17, the weekly information-analytical program of the First channel goes by the name “Time”, and it is leading change.

Irada Zeynalova was led by “Sunday times” in 2012, her predecessor was Peter Tolstoy, now running for the state Duma from “United Russia”. Annually Zeynalov participated in the program “a Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev”.

In 2014 a scandal erupted around one of the plots shown in the Sunday transmission. The journalist interviewed a refugee from Slavyansk, which talked about how the Ukrainian troops entered the city, allegedly staged the public execution of three year old boy. Ukrainian and Russian media found factual inconsistencies in the story, and also drew attention to the fact that a similar story was previously published in the blog of the Pro-Kremlin political scientist Alexander Dugin. Later, Zeynalov commented on the scandal of the story, saying that journalists were not evidence of the veracity of the story, but “this is a real story of a real woman.” In 2014, the presenter was included in the sanctions list of Ukraine.

One of the reasons for the replacement of the lead — in tough competition with the “Vesti Nedeli” Dmitry Kiselyov, a colleague says Zeynalova. Sunday “Time” were among the most popular information-analytical programs of the country on a par with “News of the week” (broadcast on Sunday on the channel “Russia 1”), according to data TNS Russia. The rating last issue of the Sunday Time was 4.7%, and “Vesti Nedeli” was slightly behind with 4.4%. Before the program Kiseleva managed three weeks in a row to hold the position of leader, but with a minimal advantage of 0.1-0.3 percentage points.

Better place of the state Duma

A friend calls Fadeeva two reasons why the choice fell on him, according to him, ahead of presidential elections on TV I want to pick up a new person, which will cause a greater trust of the conservative electorate. The second reason is the Kremlin’s desire to compensate for the offense Fadeev lost them in the primaries of United Russia. Fadeev promised a passage in Moscow the lists of “United Russia”, but at the last moment because of the reluctance of the city authorities, he had to run for primaries in unfamiliar Komi, says his friend. Primaries, he lost and in the end were not included in the list of candidates.

Fadeev since 1998 he was the chief editor of “Expert” magazine, in 2006, he also became CEO of the eponymous media holding. He was a member of the Public chamber and is still included in the High Council of “United Russia”. Together with the Deputy Vladimir Pligin directs the Liberal platform of United Russia. He was a confidant of Putin in the presidential election, became the Central headquarters of the popular front (onf).

He already has experience of the presenter: since 2014, he is sending “Structure of time” on “the First channel”.

Leading evening programs on the main channel should be the person emotionally-the heart of the warehouse, while Fadeev claim to intellectualism, the head of the holding “Minchenko consulting” Evgenie Minchenko. “When it comes to generating trust among the population, it should be a person of another type. It is not the role Fadeeva,” says the analyst.