The Fund Navalny asked the FSB to check the “conspiracy” of the Ministry of defense contractors

The Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny appealed to the Federal security service (FSB) with a request to inspect the circumstances of carrying out of tenders for the provision of defense services repairs residential facilities of the Department and to solve a question on excitation of criminal case. Of the application was announced on his page in the network Facebook, the lawyer of FBK Love Sable.

FBC filed a complaint to the contracts that the General contractor of the Ministry of defense OAO “GU housing and communal services” were concluded with other companies. As submitted to the FSB statement (have) received a budget allocation for maintenance of military towns of Russia were transferred to “GU housing and communal services” under the sub-contracts to companies associated with businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. “As a result of work performed for the company,”phony”, not having a license for manufacture of the required work, the quality of work was unsatisfactory and led to the suspensions of the boiler in the regions of Russia”, — the document says.

In August and April of 2016, “a company affiliated with Prigogine”, “illegal agreement” entered into new contracts involving repairs barracks and housing, the Ministry of defense, said in a statement. If this was a violation of the provisions of the law “On protection of competition”, according to the FCO.

“For each of the rfqs submitted bids from two parties to the agreement. The price of the winner in each of the requests for proposals differed from the initial (maximum) price not more than 0.2%”, — stated in the document.

The FCO has noticed that participating in tenders the company OOO “SK Lider, OOO Feniks, OOO Exedra-Plus”, Skotsiya, OOO, OOO “Promstandart” and OOO “Evrogrupp” filed their applications for participation in tenders within a few minutes. As a contact telephone number in documents from four organizations indicated the same room.

In parallel, the FCO its investigation was conducted by the journalists of “Fontanka.<url>”, discovers that the financial statements are four of the six above-mentioned companies have submitted from the same email address —

The company “Megaline” and referred to in the complaint of the FBC. Based on the testimony of former employees Skotsiya, OOO, OOO Exedra-Plus the experts of the Fund Navalny’s claim that the firm “Megaline” de facto control of all the companies that received contracts to subcontracts for maintenance for the needs of defense.

Those witnesses, according to experts FBK, shows the link “Megaline” and the winners of the tenders with businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. Previously about the connection “Megaline” Prigogine wrote .

In a statement, the FCO stresses that the actions of the partners of the Department of housing and communal services” there are signs “of negotiating and implementing agreements”, which led to the division of the market “by creating the appearance of competition with the aim of obtaining economic benefits. Such action is expressly prohibited by the law “On protection of competition”, and shall be punished in accordance with articles 178 (“Restriction of competition”) and 210 (Organization of criminal community”) of the Criminal code, considered in the FBC.

“On the basis of the above, please check the above facts stated in the statement, in the case of violations of the law, to take all possible measures to bring guilty persons to criminal and other responsibility,” — said in a statement, the FCO sent by the Fund to the FSB.

The document also contains a request to check the quality of execution of contracts “Hooke of housing.

Eugene Prigogine – Petersburg restaurateur familiar with senior Russian officials. It manifested itself in a variety of areas of public procurement. As written , less than a year since the end of 2014 to mid 2015 they have won tenders to 10.3 billion rubles for the cleaning in the barracks and educational institutions of the Ministry of defense. Presumably related to the restaurateur company “Megaline” from September 2015 for RUB 3.3 bn building a military base in Valuyki Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that Prigogine has filed 18 lawsuits against Yandex Mail.Ru Group and Google with the requirement not to show users belonging to them search engine links on a number of media, among which were articles related to contracts of the defense Ministry. However, in mid-August, Kuibyshev district court of St.-Petersburg has made the decision to discontinue the proceedings on the claim Prigogine to “Yandex” in connection with refusal of the claimant from its demands.

The representative Prigogine Igor Yeliseyev, then, said the withdrawal of the suit by the fact that to achieve the guaranteed “right to oblivion” was too difficult and to file any new claims Prigogine has no plans.

“ we have already solved the problem, Google for us unprincipled. We may revisit this issue after amendments to the law”, — he said.