The media learned about the dismissal of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine after the ultimatum Biden

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko dismissed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine after Vice-President Joe Biden put his condition that otherwise Kiev will not receive from Washington a loan of $1 billion. this was written by the author of the article in the magazine The Atlantic Steve Clemons, repeatedly accompanied Biden on business trips.

According to Clemons, Biden told Poroshenko: “Peter, you don’t get your billion dollars. All right, can hold his attorney General, just understand, we will not pay if you leave.

In the article, Clemons did not specify when there was this conversation, and not the name of the attorney General.

On 19 February the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin has resigned after the relevant proposal of Poroshenko. The President explained that the prosecution failed to secure the trust of society. Biden then welcomed the resignation of Shokin.

In January Ukrainian “Zerkalo Nedeli” reported that the U.S. agrees to give Ukraine loan guarantees of $1 billion only in the event of the resignation of Shokin. The publication said that the us government linked the provision of guarantees with the implementation of the IMF program and conducting anti-corruption reforms, part of which should be a change of attorney General.

In April, Biden himself said that the formation of Ukraine’s new government in Kiev will open the way to new loan guarantees from the United States.

In the spring of 2015, the IMF approved cityrealty lending program of Ukraine’s economy using the mechanism of eff EFF total volume of $17.5 billion First tranche in the amount of $5 billion, Ukraine received 13 March 2015, the second at $1.7 billion — August 4. Receiving the third IMF tranche of $1.7 billion has enabled the country to attract another $2.3 billion of financial assistance: $1 billion in guarantees from the US government, as well as a credit tranche from the European Union and the world Bank.

Agreement on the allocation of Kiev credit guarantees in the amount of $1 billion Washington signed on 3 June.