The New York Times reported about the hacker attack on its Moscow Bureau

Attack was the Moscow Bureau of The New York Times, said in a statement on the website of the newspaper. Earlier CNN has reported on the investigation of cyber attacks on this newspaper, as well as other American publications, for which, according to the investigation, there are Russian intelligence.

The NYT notes that currently there is no evidence that hackers believed to be Russian, have achieved success. “We are constantly monitoring our systems. We have not seen evidence that our internal systems, including the systems of the Moscow Bureau, was hacked,” — said the official representative of the newspaper, Eileen Murphy.

Outside firm to investigate the hacking attempts did not sign, said Murphy.

A government source said that the FBI is investigating the attempted attack on the NYT. However, more of these investigations of news organizations is not carried out, he said.

The official representative of FBI Kelly Langmesser did not comment on the incident.

About the cyber attacks on The New York Times and other American publications, under investigation by the FBI and other US intelligence agencies, earlier reported by CNN, citing informed sources. The investigators believe that the attack was committed by hackers, backed by Russian intelligence, and the hacks have become part of a broader series of attacks, among which was the democratic party of the United States, interlocutors telekanal.

Earlier, a series of cyber attacks were committed on the structures associated with the Democratic party of the United States. The first national Committee of the Democrats, the second — on the fundraising Committee that supports candidates for the U.S. Congress from the democratic party, and the third to the campaign headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times published a series of materials related to the attacks, which reported that the break-ins is Russia. In particular, one of them citing employees of several companies in the field of computer security, the newspaper wrote that in the cyber attack on the national Committee of the democratic party found “the Russian trace”. Later, the newspaper, citing Federal sources wrote that, as reported by U.S. intelligence agencies to the White house, with “high probability” for tampering with the mail is the Democrats are the Russian authorities.

Representatives Democrats also blamed for hacking the servers to Russia. In particular, the candidate in US presidents from democratic party Hillary Clinton stated that the servers of the party hacked into the Russian special services.

The Kremlin repeatedly rejected the accusations. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, in particular, said that “the Russian authorities of” “never engaged in cyber terrorism”.