Biden called Nord stream-2″ a bad deal for Europe

Arrived on Thursday in Stockholm for a meeting with the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven, Deputy President of the United States called the agreement “Gazprom” with the energy companies in the European Union (BASF/Wintershall, ENGIE, Uniper, OMV, Shell) “bad deal” for Europe as a whole, according to Reuters.

Earlier against the construction of the pipeline, which will increase opportunities to export gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine, was made by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. In may 2016, the Secretary of state expressed “absolute confidence” that the project “Northern stream-2 will have a negative impact on Ukraine, Slovakia and Eastern Europe.

In early August 2016 goals, the special envoy of the US state Department on international energy issues Amos Hochstein has openly declared that the commissioning of the second stage of Nord stream-2″ would deprive Ukraine of $2 billion of income from charging for the transit of Russian gas to Europe, which will allow the Ukrainian economy to collapse”.

$2 billion a year estimated loss of Ukraine from the launch of Nord stream-2″ and Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was then the post of Prime Minister of this country. “This project should be blocked, because it is in the interest of neither the European Union nor Ukraine,” said Ukrainian Prime Minister in December 2015.

About the dangers of “Nord stream”, stated the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, who said that the pipeline not only has the energy security of Poland and Ukraine, but also poses a threat to European unity.

In July 2016 the anti-monopoly regulator UOKiK, the Polish authorities refused to permit the construction of “Nord stream-2, explaining its decision by the fact that the planned deal could lead to a “substantial restriction of competition”. Later “Gazprom” and its five European partners (Shell, OMV, ENGIE, Uniper and Wintershall) withdrew the application for the establishment of the joint venture Nord stream-2″.

However, experts of international rating Agency S&P believe this solution is the only way to change the structure of the transaction so as not to depend upon formal approval by the Polish regulator. The rejection of the joint venture Nord stream-2″, according to experts, will not prevent Gazprom and its partners to implement the project.