FSB came with a search warrant to a new contractor “Zenit Arena”

The office of the company “Metrostroy”, which received the contract for the construction of the stadium “Zenit arena”, came the soldiers of special troops of FSB “Grad” and plain-clothes officers, said Wednesday “Fontanka” with reference to employees of the company. Information about what in the building are members of the FSB, confirmed a representative of “Metrostroy”.

“The building companies are members of the FSB, however, the company operates in a regular mode”, — said the source . He noted that all employees perform their job duties. The reason is the FSB in the office is unknown, said the representative of “Metrostroy”.

“Fontanka” with reference to sources reported that around 10 am 10-12 commandos in body armor and plainclothes officers came to the main building of the metro in St. Petersburg on Zagorodny Prospekt, 52, and headed to the offices of leadership. “RIA Novosti” with reference to press Secretary of “Metrostroi” Catherine Ginak announced that the company’s management in the office is missing, FSB is located in the office of the chief engineer. “Interfax” citing a source reported that, in addition to the main building of “Metrostroy”, Saint-Petersburg, the demonstrations in the country house of the head of the company Vadim Alexandrov in the village of Yukki.

The press service of the Federal security service confirmed the searches in the main building and metro in city center, but did not specify the cause. In the city of St. Petersburg did not comment on the searches of “Metrostroy”. TASS citing a source in law enforcement bodies has informed that investigations are conducted in criminal cases initiated quite long time ago.”

In March 2016 the FSB already spent searches in a building of “Metrostroy” and the Directorate of transport construction of St. Petersburg. The siloviki were interested in the performance of contracts in 2014 in preparation for the construction of the continuation of the krasnoselsko-Kalininskaya and Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya metro lines.

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Later, the Director of “Metrostroy” Vadim Alexandrov blamed “delays in execution of contracts to sub-contractors of the company and was told that all the seized documents, the company received ago. He also said that he sees no consequences for the company.

On August 10 it became known that “Metrostroy” has won the tender for the completion of the stadium “Zenit arena”. The company was established in 1941 for the construction of St. Petersburg subway. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, 25% “Metrostroy” St. Petersburg belongs to the metro, and 21% — to Committee of property relations of St. Petersburg, of 13.62% of the company’s General Director Vadim Alexandrov, still 23,84% — his son Nicholas. The remaining 16,54 percent in nominal ownership and the minority shareholders.

Metrostroy was the third contractor “Zenit Arena” stadium, the order for the construction of which was signed in 2004. Contracts with the two previous builders of the arena — a little-known “AVANTA” and “Transstroy”, which previously belonged to “the Base element” Oleg Deripaska, was terminated because the two companies have repeatedly demanded to increase financing of the construction.