Poroshenko called for the purpose of Moscow to make Ukraine part of the Russian Empire”

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said about Moscow’s desire to see Ukraine part of the Russian Empire.” Such statement the Ukrainian leader did in an exclusive interview with CNN on Wednesday, the day of the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

“The goal of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is to try to destabilizoval the situation in Ukraine. They [Moscow] needs neither Donetsk nor Luhansk, they want all of Ukraine became part of the “Russian Empire”, and they want to destabilize the global security system in the world”, — said Poroshenko.

In his words, “they [Russia] has only one goal — to make the world a less stable and safe.” “The situation is absolute the same as with the Russian bombing of Aleppo”, — said the Ukrainian President.

He also noted that “Russia’s aggression” in Eastern Ukraine and in Crimea, the situation in the South-East of Ukraine “completely destroyed” the post-war system of global security based on the UN resolutions Sobota.

“In a situation when one of the regular members [of the UN] is an aggressor, the world have to unite to find a suitable response to this aggression,” said Poroshenko.

The Ukrainian President also noted that, if in 2013 he was asked, is it possible that Russia’s “occupy Crimea,” he would have said no. According to Poroshenko, he also would call impossible “invasion of thousands of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine” in January 2014.

Ukraine recognized Russia as an aggressor country in January 2015. The same decision of the Verkhovna Rada and Lucanian self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DNI and LC) were recognized as terrorist organizations. Kiev has repeatedly accused Moscow of providing financial and military supporting militias in the South-East of Ukraine. In addition, the Ukrainian authorities accuse Russia of annexing Crimea.

Russia has repeatedly denied sending to the conflict zone weapons, as well as the participation of Russian troops in the fighting. Responsibility for what is happening in the Donbass Moscow holds Kiev. The Russian authorities also have repeatedly said that Kiev did not seek to implement the Minsk agreements. The annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol on the results of the past on the Peninsula the referendum in Moscow consider legitimate.