Putin offered to give “Rostelecom” building networks for government agencies

According to the letter of the Secretary of security Council Nikolai Patrushev, Russian President Valdimir Putin, which is at the disposal of “Vedomosti”, the security Council plans to return to the project creation of a network for state bodies. The existence of the letter to the edition was confirmed a person close to one of shareholders “Rostelecom”, as well as a source familiar with a several top-managers of the operator.

The document States that such a network, physically separate from the communication network for General use, solve the problem of reliable and sustainable public and military administration.

In his letter, the Secretary of the security Council proposes to appoint the operator of the integrated communication networks “Rostelecom”. Subordinated to the Ministry of communications and the Federal communications Agency (Rossvyaz), in turn, has developed a number of proposals for the implementation of this project. According to “Vedomosti”, the Rossvyaz offers three possible scenarios. Familiar with them, a Federal official and a source close to one of shareholders “Rostelecom”.

First, an integrated network can be included in the existing infrastructure of JSC “Rostelecom” and the state will help him to Finance the construction by purchasing an additional issue of its shares (now the Federal property management Agency and VEB 52,99% for two). The establishment of the network will be required, according to Rossvyaz, 663,4 billion rubles (of which RUB 581 billion budget). Added to this are the annual operating costs of 54.86 billion RUB 50 billion RUB in case the government decides to buy back shares from minority shareholders. The downside of this option, the Agency considers that in case of privatization of “Rostelecom” the state could lose control over the network for government agencies.

Second offer rossvyazi is first in the transmission network in the “daughter” of the operator, and then selling it to the state. In this case, the state may have in advance to increase the share in “Rostelecom”, to 75.1%, as the transaction will require the approval of 3/4 of the votes. In this case, the total expenditure of the state for 10 years will be $ 973 billion. 663 billion by the creation of the network, 50 billion rubles for the increase of the package 60 billion rubles for the purchase of government “daughters” of “Rostelecom” and 25 billion rubles a year to operate.

Under the third proposal, Rostelecom and the Federal communications Agency must enter into 10-year agreement under which the operator will connect state agencies to the integrated network, and Rossvyaz will pay for his services. Expenses in 10 years this will amount to 623 billion rubles, the state will not increase the share in “Rostelecom” will not receive an integrated network.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov and the representative of the Ministry of Finance has not responded to the queries of “Vedomosti”. The representatives of “Rostelecom” and the Ministry of communications refused to comment on the publication.

Close to the leadership of JSC “Rostelecom” the source, “Vedomosti” doubts that the Federal budget is able to Finance the project. Skeptical of this idea and the source publication, familiar with several Federal officials. According to him, the Ministry of Finance will definitely be opposed.

As noted, the building, the state-owned stake of “Rostelecom” has been included in the forecast plan of privatization for 2014-2016, however, the privatization of the company many times had to postpone as it acted against the security services and the Ministry of defense, which serves the operator. According to the interlocutor of “Vedomosti”, the familiar stop-managers of the company, construction of the integrated network will only delay the privatization as quickly sell it to the state fail, and a private investor to purchase “Rostelecom” with the network.

The possibility of creating an integrated communications network (ICN) is discussed since 2013. As earlier wrote “Kommersant”, the first to this idea appealed to the FSB. According to authorities, conventional approaches to information security of communication networks of special consumers, based on the use of resources of the networks do not provide protection against cyber attacks, malware and other cybercrime.

In may last year, the Ministry of communications has published amendments to the law “On communications” relating to an integrated network. It was assumed that ISS will receive centralized management, will join Russian and foreign networks. Its creating and functioning should have become an expensive obligation of Russia. Operator ASC should be determined by the President, the tariffs for the services of the government. State authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local self-government and the owners of the lines and structures of communication needs to facilitate the operator of ISS to provide the ISS, says the document. As noted by “Vedomosti”, now the document is at the stage of regulatory assessment and carrying out of independent anticorruption examination.