The head of VTB ruled out the possibility of discovery “accounts of Putin”

The head of VTB Andrey Kostin in an interview with the British edition of the Financial Times has ruled out the possibility of detection in the investigation of the so-called “Panama records” of any supposedly secret accounts of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“You’ll never catch Putin on this. He has no cars, no money,” – said Kostin. “Do you think that when he retires, you’ll find it in Monaco by 200-foot yacht? For the rest of his days, he condemned himself to a rather modest life, because the whole world knows. People who are trying to find accounts of Putin, I can spend my entire life on this quest, but they will never find them,” – said the head of VTB.

In the spring of this year, the international consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) published a database of “Panama records”. It contained information on 200 thousand offshore companies. The document also mentioned the offshore dozens of world leaders, politicians and celebrities.

In “Panama records” was mentioned 12 officials of Russia. In particular, the publication reported that people “close” Putin was transferred through offshore companies at least $2 billion.

In the Kremlin the publication “the Panama dossier” called surge, as well as information attack personally on Putin. The President of Russia during a straight line on April 14, commenting on the publication “the Panama dossier”, said that “everywhere are the ears of customers, they stick out and don’t even blush”.

Later, Putin on the forum of the popular front in Yoshkar-Ola has once again returned to the theme of “Panama records”. He said he believes “information attacks” on him and his environment “reaction of opponents on the strengthening of the country.