Turkey reported the capture by Syrian rebels of Dzharablus

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels took control of the Syrian town of Dzharablus, located near the border with Turkey, thereby preventing the connecting forces of the Kurds in the region. This was stated by defense Minister of Turkey Fikri Işık in the air of NTV, Reuters reports. According to him, now comes the cleaning of the city, which has long been under the control of the “Islamic state” (LIH, a banned terrorist organization).

The Minister added that Turkey will support the Syrian rebels until then, until they will take control over the entire territory in the area.

According to sources Reuters, the rebels have advanced almost 10 km South of Dzharablus. At the same time, the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights said that the Kurds against Ankara, has moved 8 km to the North.

As has told to Agency a source in the insurgent environment, the night before South of Dzharablus in the village of al-Amarna, clashes occurred moving southwards fighters supported by Turkey, with Kurdish militants advancing in the North. By Thursday morning, the village was under rebel control, he added.

On the eve of one of the commanders of the rebels told the news Agency that the rebels, backed by Turkey managed to take control of about half of the Dzharablus.

According to a source Reuters in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkey, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry called Thursday morning his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu and assured him that the Kurds retreat to the East of the Euphrates.

The operation called “shield of the Euphrates”, directed against ISIS and Kurds in Syria, Turkey began at dawn on August 24. After the territory in Northern Syria near the city of Dzharablus was heavily shelled with artillery, the Turkish-Syrian border Turkish tanks crossed. Air operation Turkey support aircraft of the US-led coalition.

Earlier on Thursday, Reuters, citing sources reported that Syria has included at least nine tanks plus the six that the witnesses had seen in the area of Dzharablus yesterday.

Operation of Turkey, which was started after the next terrorist attack in the country, sparked controversial. The Syrian foreign Ministry called this a violation of the sovereignty of the country, the US supported the operation.

In Moscow, where in the period of exacerbation of relations with Turkey opened an office of Syrian Kurdistan, expressed concern about the ongoing operations. The Russian foreign Ministry is concerned that due to operation of Turkey in the area of the Syrian conflict possible further degradation of the situation. Moscow insists that the Kurds should participate in talks on Syrian settlement in Geneva.