Udmurt Deputy walked “Rosneft” in the struggle for land in Yakutia

Udmurt Deputy walked “Rosneft” in the struggle for land in Yakutia

Unexpected winner

The starting fee for Borovichskiy subsurface area in Yakutia with resources of 10 million tons of oil and 165 billion cubic metres of gas reserves are yet to be confirmed), which were played at the auction on Wednesday, August 24, amounted to 17 million rubles. the Winner was the company “UDS-energy, which has agreed to pay for the asset 2,748 bn (us$42.4 million), was passed by the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy through the press service.

According to Rosnedra, the auction was attended by eight companies — “Rosneft”, “Surgutneftegas”, “daughter” NOVATEK NOVATEK-Arlanneft”, the “Energy” of former energy Minister Igor Yusufov, “sahatransneftegaz”, owned by the government of Yakutia, as well as three little-known companies: Moscow Morbi exploration”, “Azinskaya” and “UDS-energy. The latter company controlled by the Deputy of the state Council of the Udmurt Republic and the Chairman of the Udmurt branch of Party Alexey growth Culkin, from the data “SPARK-Interfax”.

Borovichskiy plot is attractive because it passes by the oil pipeline “Eastern Siberia — Pacific ocean”, in which the oil bound for China and other Asian countries. Next must also pass the gas pipeline “Power of Siberia”. The main value Berolahraga phase — in of its proximity to two pipelines, confirms the Dean of geological faculty of the University. Gubkin Sergey Lobusev.

Managing Director of Advance Capital Karen Dashyan measures the fair value of resources Berolahraga plot up to 100 million rubles taking into account the geological risks of the project and lack of the winner of the synergy with its own mining projects. In order to make the extraction of oil and gas in this area profitable, you need a serious investment in exploration, and the arrangement with “Gazprom” on gas supply in the “Power of Siberia”, and with the possibility of its exports, he adds. According to the calculations Lobuteva in the construction of the field will need to invest at least another $500 million.

As one of the bidders, the company launched a serious struggle for the asset. The initial price of the auction amounted to 17 million rubles., the cost of each step — 1,7 million rubles. Winner — “UDS-energy — made 237 steps, offering nearly 2.75 billion rubles longest it fought, “Rosneft”, which was willing to pay for 2.73 billion rubles, but stayed in one step away from victory. Borovichskiy but the site is not the only example, when the total amount significantly exceeds the initial payment, says the Executive Director of the Foundation “Energy” Dmitry Rembowski (also fought for this land). For example, the auction for Subalakshmi site (also located in Yakutia in December 2015, the payment has increased from 30 million to 2 billion rubles, but its resources are less than half — 88 billion cubic meters, he says.

According to the representative of the Ministry of natural resources Nikolay Gudkov, the winner of the auction must pay the proposed price within one month after registration of the license of the Deposit. If payment is not received on time, the results of the auction void and field will compete again. A “UDS-energy” will lose a one-time payment of 17 million rubles, he warned.

Victory “UDS-energy in the auction is a “great event” not only for the company but for the entire Udmurt Republic, conveyed through the press service himself Chulkin. “Victory was not easy. Now a lot of work on the exploration and development of the land,” he said. According to Culkin, are now negotiating with “several potential partners” about their participation in the project. Details he did not elaborate.

Near Borovichskiy the site are fields of “Surgutneftegaz”, “Rosneft” and “Energy”. The Foundation participated in the auction, as Borovichskiy the site is located next to the already owned by him Khotogo-Murbayskaya area with natural gas reserves of 10 billion cubic meters and 60 billion cubic meters of helium, said Rembowski. But he called too high geological risks of the project. “The plot is poorly studied, so we were willing to pay for it not more than 1 billion rubles”, — he added.

The representative of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev refused to comment, as did the press service of Surgutneftegas and NOVATEK.

Multidisciplinary MP

Aleksey Chulkin was born in 1980. His career started as a Manager of Izhevskiy mechanical repair company. From September 2015 it is included in the state Council of the Udmurt Republic, to information on the legislature’s website. In 2006 he became the founder of several companies, including construction materials manufacturer “Uralbeton”, earner of non-metallic materials “Traderelated” and oil company “UDS-Oil”. From March 2016 Chulkin — Chairman of the Udmurt branch of Party growth.

By the end of 2015, Chulkin earned 61.8 million rubles., the disclosure of incomes of deputies of the state Council of the Udmurt Republic. Chulkin owns four land plots with a total area of 1.5 hectares, five residential buildings from 20 to 101 square meters each and 13 residential spaces ranging from 30 to 740 sq. m each. In addition, an MP has two private railway siding area of 846 sq. m.

Despite the status of the Deputy, Chulkin is not in the persons holding gosdolzhnosti, so he continues to own and manage a number of assets, his representative said.

The company “UDS-energy, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, was in 2014. Its authorized capital is 10 thousand rubles, staff — 11-15 people. 100% of its shares belong Culkin. For about a year, the company and other structures MP are actively involved in many oil and gas auctions.

According to the site “UDS-energy, under the brand UDS Oil work LLC “Kungur oil company”, “Willow”, “Oparinskaya oil company”, OOO “georesurs M, which are exploration and production of oil in Perm region and Udmurtia in Yalykskoe and Wysokowski fields. In addition, Chulkin is the co-owner of the company “Azinskaya”, which owns licenses for the Kama and Karakulinskogo exploration areas in Udmurtia. Stocks of the Kama area are estimated at 900 thousand tons of oil (this site cost the company in June 2016 in 351 million rubles. with a starting payment at 70.2 million rubles).

Oparinskaya oil company won in the summer of 2015 South Net area (according to the Ministry of environment, land cost 1 million rubles), “UDS-energy — chastinskogo and Czechowski areas in the Irkutsk region in June 2016 (paid for them of 18.5 million rubles.). According to “UDS-energy, from January 2014 to July 2015 its production has increased tenfold, from 1.5 thousand to 15 thousand tons of oil per month.

On 11 April, it became known that management of Federal service of court bailiffs of the Udmurt Republic has arrested the property of Kungur oil company, one of the companies Culkin, in excess of 71 million rubles because of tax evasion. According to the estimates of police officers, the debt of the company exceeded 130 million rubles., and the seized property they were planning to auction. But after eight days, the company has paid a large part of the fine (about 90 million rubles, said the head of the Department of Udmurt Republic Ilnur Makhmutov. The representative Culkin claims that at the moment the entire debt for taxes is redeemed, the arrest of the property of company removed.