Burger King offered the Chair to become face of the brand

Network of fast food restaurants Burger King announced his proposal of the Russian actor and singer Nikita Dzhigurda become the face of the brand network, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Burger King explained that according to surveys of the target audience fast food chains out of the chair “more than any other candidates associated with the main difference (network menu) — the meat cooked on the fire.”

For men of the chair symbolizes a healthy appetite, a thirst for life and adventure, with attracts the female audience, the company said, and expressed the hope to increase interest in the brand due to a potential partnership with a showman.

In Burger King noted that the company offered the Union “generous reward, unlimited food and drink” and “an opportunity once a month to close the restaurant for parties and easy to organize a riot.” Instead, the actor will have to participate in marketing events Burger King once a month to distribute coupons as part of ongoing promotions.

Burger King in Russia is known for its provocative slogans in advertising campaigns. So, in March 2016, the company used the advertising slogans “don amastris” and “us battered”, which was submitted to the expert Council under the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). The Department recognized these slogans are permissible.

In may, users of social networks were outraged by the action of Burger King “sounds Like some kind of nedelevo”. Used pun some Russians felt it was too similar to obscene expression.

In January, Burger King social networks appeared a picture with the caption “We learned the tastes of members of the American Academy”, which was later edited to “We learned the tastes of the American Academy”, however, the publication was removed at the request of the European office of Burger King.