In the Kremlin hosted a night meeting of Putin with Kadyrov

Late in the evening of 25 August the President of Russia Vladimir Putin met in the Kremlin with the acting head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. This is stated in the message on the Kremlin website.

“Ramzan Akhmatovich, talk as usual in such cases, on the socio-economic situation: how are things in the Republic, what results were achieved?” — quoted question to Putin at the beginning of the meeting, the press service of the President.

Kadyrov said that in the Republic there is “good momentum”. “This year, in the first half, the volume of industrial production grew by 11.6%, agriculture — by 7.4%. We also launched a line of agriculture for import substitution, a dairy complex for 1200 dairy cows and forage center 4000 head of cattle”, — said the acting head of Chechnya.

According to Kadyrov, in Chechnya this year, unemployment has fallen to 1.3%, the Republic in 2016, created 5,000 jobs. He also described the situation in Chechnya as stable, “especially for heavy and especially grave crimes of terrorist character”.

In addition, Kadyrov has told about preparation to the beginning of the school year about the situation with emergency housing.

“That’s how I solved the issues, but of course, without Your participation, without Your support we can’t — there are questions that require Your intervention,” concluded a story about the status of Kadyrov.

The sides talked about sports, while Kadyrov has expressed the wish that President Putin ever came to attend the training session. “Would like to go. Thank you very much,” replied the President.

The term of office of Kadyrov as head of Chechnya expired in early April 2016. Putin appointed him acting head of the region. On 2 August, the electoral Commission of Chechnya unanimously adopted the decision on registration of Kadyrov in the elections of the President.

The head of Chechnya will choose in the single voting day on September 18.