Medvedev made a revision of the salaries of the teachers

Question about the salaries of University staff on the forum of employees of higher education raised Professor, southern Federal University, Anastasia Nikitaeva. According to her, the base salary level of professors and teachers should be higher. Now decent wages achieved by various allowances for employees.

The Prime Minister agreed that often the amount of wages is achieved on account of premiums, allowances and benefits, and the question arises, “how is this system fair”. “But if you believe that you need to install some garantirovanno component of the salary, it is possible to see it. You can install such a recommendation,” said Medvedev.

The system of remuneration of employees of universities and schools have changed in 2008 after the resolution of the government No. 583. The salary was divided on salary, incentive payments for intensity and high performance (quality, continuous service, length of service, payment of bonuses by results of work) and compensation payments.

MSU rector Viktor Sadovnichy also said that more than half of the salaries of employees of the University — it raised funds from the tuition contract students or research grants. Task to perform “may decrees” of the President complex, said Sadovnichy, do so only at the expense of increase of salary of employees is impossible. But the rector of Moscow state University agreed that 30 thousand the basic part of the salary without allowances for associate professors, and assistant professors — “it’s not enough.”

That the guaranteed part of the salary is low a week ago, Medvedev told teachers at the national August meeting of pedagogical workers. “I want you to hear this from me: the government and I, we know about it and we will do everything to ensure that this kind of problems to remove, even with the understanding that the average situation [teachers’ salaries] looks quite decently,” said the Prime Minister (quoted by RIA “Novosti”). However, he did not rule out that it is possible to return to some old principles of calculating wages. The government is waiting for specific proposals on the issue of remuneration of teachers.

In early August, Dmitry Medvedev also spoke about the salaries of teachers. The forum “Territory” lecturer of the Dagestan state University asked Medvedev why teachers get 10-15 thousand rubles., and members of the security agencies — more than 50 thousand. “the Most important thing is a personal choice. I am often asked about it. And teachers and professors are calling. And if you want to earn money — there are plenty of beautiful places where you can do it faster and better. The same business. But you did not go to business, as I understand it,” — said Medvedev. His words caused a great resonance, and the Internet petition for resignation of the Prime Minister. A Kremlin source later called the scandal the statements of the Prime Minister “custom campaign”.