Putin has supported the introduction in Russia of a resort fee

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supports the introduction of resort fees in a number of regions of Russia. He declared it during meeting of Presidium of the state Council, reports “Interfax”.

According to the President, this fee should be easy for vacationers to go strictly on the development of sanatorium-resort infrastructure. Governors in Altai and Krasnodar territories, the opinion of which asked Putin agreed on the need to introduce such a charge.

“If it does, then very carefully, not lifting the payments, unbeknownst to tourists,” — said the Russian leader. He noted that “it should be “painted” money”.

Putin said that should not happen so that the Ministry of Finance will reduce support to the regions in other areas. “And then think that they got rich, and the regions the money will be spent on other purposes. That’s all. And we are talking about the development of tourism infrastructure”, — he told, addressing to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. The Finance Minister assured him that the Agency “will not be greedy”.

According to the Minister, the resort fee should be 50-100 RUB “And the money should go to the development of resorts, for the benefit of visitors,” he added, noting that this support found support in the Federation Council.

In November 2015, the Ministry for North Caucasus Affairs has prepared a bill for introduction in an experimental mode of tourist gathering in the North Caucasus. Holidaymakers in this region suggested to oblige to pay up to 150 RUB.