The Ministry of foreign Affairs has responded to claims by the Pentagon regarding the sudden inspection of the troops

Moscow said that the statements of the representative of the press service of the Pentagon, Michele Baldanzi sudden check of combat readiness of the armed forces of Russia, “got a lot of unjustified and unsubstantiated claims.” This is stated in the message of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Russia “strictly complies with all its international obligations in the field of arms control, including the Vienna document,” the report says. “Our foreign partners were fully informed about the ongoing investigations of the Ministry of defence of Russia, and received all necessary explanations,” — said the foreign Ministry.

According to Moscow, the Russian side “continues to ascribe a fantastic, non-existent intentions with respect to Ukraine, despite the fact that US attempts to create a problem of unannounced inspections readiness of the Russian armed forces doing in the background calling all the more alarming behavior of Kiev”. Instead, the US should focus on working with their clients on implementing the Minsk agreements,” says Mead.

In addition, the Russian Ministry said that the claim that Russia does not “look completely out of place on the background is not spotless “track record” of the United States in terms of arms control”. The foreign Ministry draws the attention of the American side “on numerous “liberties” in fulfilling its Treaty obligations” and expects “that the United States will seek to address their own shortcomings in this area.

The head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu at a meeting with the leadership announced a sudden check the combat readiness of the Russian armed forces from 25 to 31 August. Inspection shall be conducted in accordance with the decision of President Vladimir Putin and will affect southern, Western and Central military districts and the Northern fleet, Air and space forces (VKS) and airborne.

After the start of an unscheduled inspection, the Pentagon expressed concern and urged to keep commitments. As has declared “to Interfax” the representative of the press service of the Pentagon Michel Baldanza in the military the U.S. hopes that Russia “will respect all relevant obligations and commitments under the existing agreements on arms control and confidence building measures in order to provide neighbors adequate safeguards and transparency in regard to the size and nature of the activity.”

In addition, Baldanza expressed deep concern “over the intensifying violence in Eastern Ukraine and the proximity of these [Russian] forces to Ukraine, given the direct Russian involvement in the conflict in the Donbas.”

Russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, as well as the presence of Russian troops on the territory of Donbass.