Colleagues spoke about the difficulties of the deceased in Kiev Russian journalist

Russian journalist Alexander Schetinin, who was found dead in his apartment in Kiev, was experiencing financial difficulties, told TASS his former colleagues.

“He had a very great financial difficulties. Due to arrears of salary from the online publication, which he headed, is gone for almost all employees. Matinino even had to sell the car and the apartment to somehow survive,” — said one of the former employees of the edition “New Region”. In addition, according to her, Shchetinina was a family problem.

The speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko, the TV channel “112” said that earlier, Shchetinina was “certain suicidality”. “I know that certain suicidality was. But more and more… Let’s wait for the investigation”, — said Shevchenko.

According to him, the picture of the death of journalist typical for suicide. “Not going to talk about the findings, will provide the experts during the investigation, the official. I would not want them in advance of. But from the contacts that I had, I trust, that the picture of the crime and, in particular, the state of the body does not give grounds for some considerable suspicion. But really it should be fully investigated and conclusions will be available then,” says Shevchenko.

A few days before his death on August 22, commenting on your post two years ago, Schetinin wrote in Facebook that he’s scared and he doesn’t know how to live.

The body was discovered in his Kiev apartment in the night of 28 August: he was found on the balcony of a journalist friend who came to congratulate Shchetinina happy birthday. Ruralista found sitting on a chair with a gunshot wound to the head, the gun was found under the chair.

As the head of the Department of communication of GU-Ukraine in Kiev, Oksana Blischik, near the body was found “traumatic gun shops to it and a suicide note”. According to Blischik, a criminal case under part 1 St. 115 (premeditated murder) of UK of Ukraine with an additional legal qualification of “suicide”.

Alexander Schetinin is a Russian journalist, known as the founder of the information Agency “New region”. In 2014, the media was divided into two versions — Ural and Ukrainian, and a former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “New region” Schetinin moved to Kiev. There he said that he refused from the Russian citizenship in favor of Ukrainian.