“I don’t want to stay”: the most popular themes of the campaign-2016

The first week of the campaign demonstrated the main themes of electoral competition in which mainstream parties claim in their commercials, outdoor ads and during televised debates.

Against Medvedev

The majority party criticism of the government is one of the main themes of the campaign. In particular, the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers — through the theme of campaigns of the Communist party and “Fair Russia”. The socialist-revolutionaries are collecting signatures under the requirement of resignation under the slogan “Do or go”.

The party ridiculed the statement of the Prime Minister in may in the Crimea, when he responded to a complaint of a pensioner of the high prices and low pensions. The Communist joke on their banners: “no Money. Hold. Vote for the Communist party.”

In his response the Prime Minister of the Crimean pensioners plays in the promotional video of PARNASSUS: criticized Ministers who “say that there is no money, good mood, stay”.

The party of pensioners recalled the same answer during his speech at the debate: “We say: “Hold on, pensioners.” And we don’t want to stay, we want to live in dignity”.

For the resignation of the government advocates and “Civic platform”, collecting signatures on a petition. Medvedev urged the party to “sleep elsewhere”.

“More than 50% of the population concerned with three topics: prices, tariffs and charges for major repairs and health care. This is evidenced by our internal sociology. People experience a lot of negativity against the government and Medvedev personally. So we make a bet on it,” — said one of the leaders of the election headquarters of the Communist party.

United Russia, whose list is headed by Medvedev, in contrast, use the image of the Prime Minister in his visual propaganda. His image is found on banners, in TV commercials. heard his speech.

Voice against Putin

President Vladimir Putin criticizes only one party — PARNAS. The second number in the Federal list of PARNAS, a nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev, during a debate on the channel “Russia 1” said that the main goal of the party in case of victory in the elections will be a Declaration of impeachment Putin. “Every vote for the PARNASSUS — a voice against Putin”, — he stressed.

The rest of the party do not dare to openly criticize the President. After Maltsev at the debate were the founder of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky. He has not supported the previous speaker: “and Here [in his speeches], and the government changed, and the President was suspended. Like to talk more about. But we think that the main problem is that prices are rising and income is not.”

Putin critic uninteresting to the population, according to the polls, said the source in the election headquarters of the Communist party. “People in the minds of the chain of dependence between economic and other issues with Putin, they blame Medvedev. Therefore, we do not criticize, it’s unpopular,” — said the source in question is not forbidden if the administration of President parties to criticize the country’s leader.

The fight against corruption

To fight corruption invariably promise all parties. The “United Russia” is the first Chapter in the training manual agitator called “Fight against corruption”.

One of the slogans of the “Fair Russia” — “roll up the pavement at the corruption and tyranny”. The Communist party produces a report about corruption among the party members, accusing them of caused damage in the amount of 130 billion rubles.

Small parties set out their views on this issue on TV channel “Russia 1”, where the pre-election debate. On Friday, the channel has devoted an entire issue. “Patriots of Russia” offer to prosecute for stealing from the budget as long as the offender does not return all the money.

To introduce the death penalty for crimes of corruption offer “Communists of Russia”. For this act and “Homeland”: the representative of the party said he supports the current policy of President Putin in the fight against corruption, but supports the death penalty in China (the same is offered in the promotional video of the party).

“Civic platform” in favour of the socialist system of the work of the monopolies to prevent offshore operations. To create anti-corruption corps of the national guard of the President as the “anti-corruption Inquisition” offers Oleg Mitvol of the green Party.

Growth party believes that corruption will disappear if you develop entrepreneurship.

PARNAS believes that “corruption in Russia has become the main sector of the economy that defines all actions of the government”. You must establish an independent authority responsible for conducting anti-corruption policy in the country to introduce the institution of independent prosecutors to investigate crimes of the highest officials and to ratify article 20 of the UN Convention on the fight against corruption, stated in the election program of PARNASSUS.

Crimea is not the same

The theme of the Crimea the party is not widely exploited. This subject gets people so as before, said the source in the election headquarters of the Communist party, citing the party sociology: “People are horrified by the growth of prices and credits, the theme of the Crimea from them is rather restrained negative as the economic situation has become harder after its accession”.

The Communist party in pre-election rollers Crimea alone is not considered. He is campaigning at the local level. “Fair Russia” also is not actively affected by this issue.

“United Russia” in the banner campaign at the Federal level also uses the theme of the Crimea. For residents of most regions of the subject are out of date, says a source in the party. But videos, in which the voice of President Vladimir Putin, the party of the illustrated frames associated with joining the Peninsula to Russia, says United Russia.

LDPR separately dedicated to the Crimea, one of the propaganda clips. In this party recalls that Zhirinovsky in 1992 stated the need to return the Crimea to Russia. “All these years on the Peninsula operated an underground regional organization of the liberal democratic party”, — is spoken in the video.

Non-parliamentary parties recall the annexation of Crimea to Russia during a debate. The candidate from “Civil platform” Valery Vakariuk in the debate on 24 August on the TV channel “Russia 1” presented the party: “a year and a Half ago we upgraded, expelled from it unpatriotic ballast, supporting the issue of Crimea, our President”. His opponent in the same program, representative of “homeland” Fedor Biryukov, in turn, said that his party was the “first in the Crimea, in the Donbas.”

The party of liberal orientation show rejection of the annexation of Crimea to Russia. In the election program of the “Yabloko” says that the party considers Crimea a territory of Ukraine, and its annexation is illegal and must be abolished. “We believe that the future of Crimea should be determined by the inhabitants of the Peninsula on the basis of the relevant legislation”, — stated in the document, which the authors do not recognize the legitimacy of the referendum, “hastily and without any rules” held under the “protection of the Russian armed forces.”

Candidates in deputies of the state Duma from the Krasnodar regional branch of the PARNASSUS addressed to the Consulate General of Ukraine for visas for campaign trip to the Crimea. “The position of our party is well-known: we believe that the Crimea was illegally annexed”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the party Konstantin Merzlikin.

For business

Business a party is isolated as a separate segment of the population. The United Russia party in the visual propaganda used to quote Putin: “We need success for small business: the small business needs them, and the country needs”.

The Communist party in its program “Ten steps to a decent life”, which the Communists going to distribute 20 million copies, promises to withdraw from the WTO and thus help small and medium businesses. “Fair Russia” in part of its program called “25 fair laws” and which is distributed in the party Newspapers (to be released with a circulation of 25 million copies), proposes to stimulate the manufacturing industry through the abolition of VAT refunds to exporters of raw materials.

Batch growth of the business Ombudsman Boris Titov has positioned itself as a party representing the interests of business. “Freedom to work and earn, freedom to take!” — reads the slogan on the website of the party. The main purpose of Party growth has announced the creation of 25 million jobs by 2025. In particular, it is planned to legalize self-employed, grant a free patent for the smallest businesses, to introduce tax holidays for three years for small and medium business, exempt new businesses from taxes for five years and stop the “administrative war against business”, limiting business checking two a year.