The U.S. Navy received a new submarine in nearly $3 billion

Manufacturer General Dynamics Electric Boat based in Groton, Connecticut, after five years of construction has taken U.S. Navy submarine that will be named USS Illinois in honor of the home state of the wife of President Barack Obama, reports Associated Press.

Earlier, Michelle Obama took patronage over the submarine: it will participate in the life of the submarine, the lives of seafarers and their families. Inside the submarine on a plate with her name on it.

The submarine will officially take the name USS Illinois and will begin their military service at the ceremony of commissioning in Groton 29 Oct. The construction of submarines at a cost of $2.7 billion According to the Vice-President of the Electric Boat Kenneth Blomstedt, in the course of construction there were no difficulties, and recent tests at sea the submarine was “great.” In the boat changed the front design, it is fit for launch Tomahawk

Submarine commander Jess porter described her as “invisible weapons” that can affect opponents in such a way that will protect the United States, notes the Associated Press. The crew of the submarine will be about 130 men, pre-sea will be an additional test.