Venezuela said about working with Iran to stabilize oil market

According to the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, Tehran and Caracas seek to find consensus on the issue of stabilizing the oil market. With the corresponding statement the Venezuelan leader spoke after meeting with foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif, according to Reuters.

“We continue to build common ground and to work towards a new consensus on issues of stabilization of the oil markets, strengthening the industry, the strengthening of OPEC”, — said Maduro.

According to him, the Ministers of petroleum and foreign Affairs of Venezuela in the coming weeks will make the appropriate statement. Details of upcoming actions of the Venezuelan President said.

The Iranian foreign Minister arrived in Venezuela after visiting other Latin American countries, including Bolivia and Ecuador, Reuters reports. Last week a series of visits to oil-producing countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, caused the oil Minister of Venezuela, Eulochio del Pino. As previously reported by Reuters, the Venezuelan Minister tried to win the support of the OPEC deal to freeze production levels.

According to the Agency, Venezuela after a sharp fall in oil prices in 2014 sought to win support among the member States of OPEC and non-OPEC countries to raise oil prices by limiting production.

In early August of this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that OPEC members can meet to discuss ideas about the freezing of the level of oil production in September this year. Later sources Reuters reported that Iran come “positive signals” about the upcoming meeting of OPEC. The news Agency claimed that the Islamic Republic may agree to actions aimed at increase in oil prices, including for the freezing of the production level.