In Kiev said on consent Soros to join the investment Council of Ukraine

Assigned on Monday head of the National investment Council of Ukraine Borys Lozhkin announced that it plans to bring to the Council a number of prominent foreign investors. According to Lozhkina, who held up Monday as head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, some of the guests including one of the most famous financiers of the world George Soros, have given prior consent.

“Previously agreed to participate in the investment advice George Soros, Paul Polman — CEO of Unilever and the head of the world business Council and sustainable development, the management of SOCAR — the largest state company of Azerbaijan”, — said Lozhkyn conducted under the chairmanship of the President of Petro Poroshenko, the meeting of the National Council of reforms (quoted by UNIAN).

The Soros Foundation has repeatedly called on the EU authorities to provide greater support for Ukraine reforms as this support protects and EU itself, from disintegration.

The new head of the National investment Council of Ukraine said that the current growth rate of the economy of Ukraine needs to increase at least fourfold, as “the engine of the Ukrainian economic miracle” needs large private investment to attract that will only help the transformation of Ukraine into “the most simple for business the jurisdiction of Central and Eastern Europe”.

The decree establishing the National investment Council of Ukraine as a consultative-Advisory body under the President was signed by President Poroshenko in December 2014. The Council was then called “a platform for interaction between authorities and investors, which will return trust and confidence that in Ukraine it is possible to make an honest living”.

Speaking on 29 August 2016 at the meeting of the Council of reforms, Poroshenko said that the successful work of the National investment Council must be headed by a person who has not only “huge political experience”, but is able to effectively coordinate cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign business. “These criteria meets Boris Paton [Lozhkin]. The role of the key Manager and Communicator in this important question is attracting investment in the economy is difficult to overestimate and it is not just about inviting investors to work in Ukraine, but to actively participate as a political and managerial heavyweight in order to improve the investment climate in the state”, — said Poroshenko.

Lozhkin will remain an adviser to the President of Ukraine. “We side by side were hard times. Together provide the start of the reform, and now together we will ensure their continuation,” — said Poroshenko.