Moscow authorities reported on the demolition of more than 90 objects of unauthorized construction

More than 90 of the 107 sites recognized by the authorities of Moscow unauthorized construction, was dismantled in the capital on Monday night. About it “Interfax” was informed in the press service of the capital of the state Inspectorate for real estate.

According to the source, demolished sites account for about 85% of society the number of objects of unauthorized construction to be demolished.

Analysis of the two objects started on Monday morning to not disturb the residents of nearby houses. Another nine facilities work continues — going analysis of structures and removal of debris, said the press officer.

Another two sites — at locations Bolshaya Semenovskaya, 15Астр.1 and Vernadsky Prospekt, 39A — work temporarily suspended due to design features and increase passenger traffic.

The second wave of the demolition of the retail pavilions, a recognized squatter, began in the capital on Monday night. That second wave will be held on this date, August 26, said the head of state Inspectorate for real estate of Moscow Sergey Sokurov.

The list of “second wave” of the 107 objects for the demolition was published in late June. About 30 owners of the trading pavilions has agreed to carry their items samostoyatelno. For the voluntary dismantling of buildings in the Department of economic policy and development of Moscow has promised to pay to 55.5 thousand rubles per square meter. Respondents did not agree with this assessment, explaining that the proposed purchase is equivalent to the trade area only on the outskirts.