The FSB has completed its investigation of the case accused having links with ISIS MSU students

The investigative Department of the FSB (SU FSB) has completed the preliminary investigation on the case of Barbara Karaulova, which is accused of attempting to join the banned in Russia “Islamic state”, said her lawyer Sergei adamsin. Now the defense needs to find materials, then they will be submitted for approval to the Prosecutor’s office and later in court.

sent a request to FSB.

Student of philosophical faculty of Moscow state University Karaulova, changed his name to Alexander Ivanov, accused of trying to join Islamists (part 1 of article 30 – part 2 of article 205.5 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE). For the first time, she was detained June 4, 2015 while trying to illegally cross the Turkish-Syrian border, composed of a half dozen people who tried to join ISIS. Then it was released and not charged. However, according to the investigation, then she is not left trying to join the militants and continued to speak to his recruiter in the Network. Since the end of October 2015 Karaulova contained in “Lefortovo”.

Parents Karaulova insist that the girl didn’t cut all ties at the request of the security forces, who followed the actions of ISIS supporters, and when the student wants to stop communication, she was arrested. She Karaulov stated to investigators that “I went to Syria to beloved man”, and not to join the banned in Russia “Islamic state”, said the lawyer adamsin. Mother Barbara also talked about the mental problems of girls, but the results of a psychiatric examination Karaulov was recognized as sane.

To study the volumes may take about a month, suggests a source close to SU FSB. According to badamshin, the investigation team rushing defense with familiarization with the case materials. The investigators of the FSB tend to be quick to do this deal to free up forces for another investigation of resonant Affairs of SKR, FSB officer.

A group of employees of FSB under the leadership of the head of the 3rd investigative Department of SU of the FSB Mikhail Savitsky are now investigating the case against the head of Management of interagency cooperation and private security RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, Deputy head of the TFR Alexander Limonova SRM, as well as the Deputy head of GSM TFR in Moscow, Denis Nikandrov. All of them were charged with receiving a bribe in especially large size (item 290 of the Criminal code). Money management SKR has promised to change the measure of restraint close friends reputable businessman Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Young) — Andrew Kochunov and Eduard Romanov detained after clashes near the cafe Elements on Rochdelskaya street in the capital in December 2015, said a source familiar with the investigation,