The Ministry and the Central Bank will test the willingness to work in wartime

In the framework of a sudden inspection of the Russian Armed forces will test the readiness of Federal Executive authorities and enterprises of the defence industry to work in wartime conditions, said the Ministry of defense. In mobilization activities will involve the structural unit of the Ministry of communications, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of industry and trade, Federal Agency for state reserves and the Central Bank.

Territorial bodies of Executive power “will coordinate and control transfer of areas and work in wartime, support of the mobilization deployment and activities of the territorial defence in the area of responsibility”. During a sudden inspection performed mobilization activities with the conscription of citizens from the reserve, in particular reservists, supplying vehicles and military units of the territorial defence in the southern and Central military districts and in the Northern fleet, the report says.

Urge stock of citizens will take part in a military training camp, where military service will undergo intensive military training, training in military occupational specialty, conduct combat coordination of the units.

As stressed by the defense Ministry, the first time the issues of financial security forces in isolation from permanent deployment sites in the framework of a sudden inspection be solved with the involvement of field institutions of the Bank of Russia.

In addition, according to the defense Ministry, it is planned to test the readiness of a number of enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the South of Russia to carry out mobilization tasks for the supply and repair of weapons, military and special equipment in the interests of established military forces.