Medvedev explained to pensioners, the replacement of indexation of pensions for a lump sum

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with pensioners in the rehabilitation Centre for the disabled and the elderly Pine forest at Lipetsk along the lines of “United Russia” called a lump sum payment is “absolutely fair”, the correspondent .

Medvedev stressed that not all members of the government were in favour of the payments, but he had to make a “resolute decision”. No special statements for payments not have to write: 5 thousand rubles will be credited automatically in January 2017 for all pensioners — and working and not working.

“That’s about the amount average that would be received by people in the second indexing. She’s exactly average, someone could get a little more [retired], the size of the index has more than the standard indexation”, — said the Prime Minister. Saying it’s not a right and fair, said Medvedev. But it is with this assertion. “Better, when these [economic] conditions will be a one-time payment, when things to buy for the holiday, something else to do than to be smeared with a thin layer and do not feel in any way”, — said the head of government.

By law, pensions are indexed annually for inflation of the previous year. In 2015, the official inflation rate was 12.9%. But due to the lack of funds in a crisis budget for 2016 it was decided to index pensions only 4% in February, and then make the decision about the possibility of additional adjustment, based on the data about budget execution in the first half.

The idea of a one-time payment in lieu of the second increase occurred in April, wrote earlier . In addition it was discussed the option of doindeksatsii pensions by 4%. That the government may waive the second increase in 2016, previously reported by “Vedomosti”. Officials understand that indexing is needed before the September elections to the state Duma, but it will inflate base for the next allocation and the budget for 2017, noted the sources.

The budget will spend less on one-off payments than the second indexing wrote . The decision to condicionat pensions in full, which the authorities eventually refused, plus the indexation of pensions in 2017 with a higher base would cost the budget about $ 600-630 billion rubles. As follows from the statements of Medvedev, alternative, which stopped the government, will cost about 470 billion rubles., not to mention the fact that this year the extra money will not have to spend.

Answering the question of one of participants of the meeting, Medvedev again stressed that next year the indexation of pensions will be implemented in full and the money on it in the amount of about 260 billion rubles is already reserved. Earlier, Prime Minister said that the indexation in 2017 will require more than 270 billion rubles.