The chamber said the illegal withdrawal from Russia of 1.2 trillion rubles.

In 2013-2015 the illegal withdrawal of funds from Russia through import / export transactions amounted to 1.2 trillion rubles, is spoken in the message of the accounts chamber (SP), citing data of the Federal customs service.

During this time, the customs officers opened and handed over to the Rosfinnadzor more than 17 thousand cases of administrative violations of the law on currency control, the report said SP. The penalty for violators made up 663,4 billion rubles, or 0.0005% of the amount of the revealed violations. In other words, almost all decisions on cases of administrative offences, consummated without the actual punishment,” the report indicates SP.

Also the audit chamber has established that over the past three years, revealed many violations with expired period of limitation for bringing to administrative responsibility. “In 2013, such cases accounted for only 7.4 percent of all violations of the currency legislation of illegal withdrawal of capital in 2014 of 15.6%, in 2015 — 33,2%, in the first quarter of 2016 — 25%”, — said the auditor of audit chamber Sergey Shtogrin. He also pointed out that inspections by the customs authorities is rare, in 2015, they accounted for only 4% of the total number of transaction passports.

Almost all of the illegal transactions for the withdrawal of capital was made with the help of specially created for this firms, specified in the message of audit chamber. The audit revealed more than thousands of companies through which was derived 522,5 million rubles over the last three years.

The auditor also noted the low percentage of those convicted of using false documents used in export-import transactions for a withdrawal. In just three years, the number was 14 people, five of which were released under the Amnesty. Liability for violations is low, indicated by the auditors. Thus, the average penalty is 200-500 thousand rubles, and the average amount of illegal trades — 480 million rubles. the chamber considers that the low responsible for the withdrawal of funds contributes to the further illegal diversion of capital. In this regard, Gosudar proposes to strengthen criminal liability for violation of legislation on currency control proposals he has submitted to the government.