The head of the Pension Fund will be allowed to earn 10 times more employees

The heads of state extra-budgetary funds — the Pension Fund and funds of social and obligatory medical insurance (social insurance Fund and FFOMS) — will receive a salary in excess of ten times the average earnings of their subordinates, it follows from the draft government resolution published on 30 August on the portal of projects of normative acts. Salaries of Deputy heads and chief accountants of these funds can be eight times higher than the average earnings of employees, is evident from the project.

This is the highest ratio between the salaries of managers and other employees of state institutions proposed today. Predozheniye labor due to the “special role of the public financial management pension scheme, provision of state guarantees in system of social insurance and compulsory health insurance system,” said in the explanatory note to the project. The resolution would not mean increasing the salaries of managers of state funds, stipulated the authors of the project — the document is only “captures the maximum level of their salaries.

So far the maximum difference between the salaries of managers and employees of the government funding was not, said the press service of the Ministry of labor. Define it as for state funds and state institutions and Federal state unitary enterprises of the Ministry—the founders of these organizations were required following the adoption in July of this year amendments to the Labor code. As a rule, the Ministry propose to introduce the eightfold maximum difference between the salaries of chief executives and employees under their state institutions and enterprises, can be seen from the projects that were published previously on the portal of projects of normative acts. This difference, in particular, proposed to introduce the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of industry and trade. The eightfold maximum ratio between the salaries of managers and employees of government agencies (and only them) in 2008 established the government of Russia.

Pension Fund agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of labour on the establishment of a ten-fold difference between the salaries of its management and employees, said the representative of the Fund. In this case, government regulation will fix the ratio of wages that exists in the FIU today — about ten times, it follows from explanations of the interlocutor . The average salary in the system of the FIU in 2016 is about 32 thousand rubles, said the representative of the Fund. The monthly salary of the head of the FIU, according to published in 2014 the decree of the President 301,6 thousand rubles., and 326 thousand rubles a year he receives in the form of quarterly rewards, estimated . The total income of the head of the FIU in 2015 amounted to about 3.8 million rubles, follows from the report presented on the organization’s website.

Salaries of heads of the social insurance Fund and FFOMS identified by the same presidential decree, their dimensions are similar to the salary of the Chairman of the Board of the FIU.

awaiting comment from FSS. The representative of Famsa on Tuesday, did not respond to calls .