The WSJ said the unwillingness of the USA to operation of Turkey in Syria

According to senior sources, The Wall Streel Journal in the United States and in Turkey, cooperation between Washington and Ankara at the highest level cracked after the beginning of the Turkish operation in Syria. Their actions, say the sources, were not so agreed, as stated in public statements.

The white house, WSJ sources say, were prepared to consider a secret plan for a joint operation by US special forces and Turkish forces in Syria, but Ankara has begun a mission to “unilaterally” without telling in advance WA.

As the newspaper notes, when in Syria, clashes between Turkish forces and Kurdish rebels, which directly supports the U.S., the Pentagon called on both sides to retreat.

According to WSJ sources in Washington, Turkey’s decision nullified the secret forces and created for US a new acute problem: both of their most important partner in the antiterrorist campaign fighting each other and not with the “Islamic state” (an organization banned in Russia).

A failure in coordination has added new tensions in relations between Washington and Ankara over the one that was due to the violent response of Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the coup attempt in Turkey.

Interlocutors of WSJ in Washington claim that the US warned the Turkish side that they would not provide their troops with air support, if the Turkish forces will move deep into the Syrian territory in the South. To support the U.S. air force can count only the promotion of Turkey to the West, in the border areas under ISIS threat.

At the same time, the Kurds, the American government announced that support for the U.S. air force will depend on the progress of the Kurdish forces East of the Euphrates river and on the South side of Rakkii that will help to avoid collision with the Turks.

Turkish operation in Syria under the title of “Shield of the Euphrates began on 24 August. The forces of the “Free Syrian army” (FSA) supported by Turkey has moved 10 km inland, the attack developed to the South. Turkey called the main objectives of its operation ISIS and Working. the Kurdistan workers ‘ party, which is also recognized by Ankara as a terrorist. The forces of the parties are moving to the city of al-Bab, which is crucial for the Kurds, as it will allow them to combine controlled areas in the East and West of the country.

Damascus condemned the deployment of Turkish troops in Syrian territory, describing it as a violation of sovereignty.

On 29 August the Deputy assistant to the President for national security Ben Rhodes said that Turkey’s actions in areas where the representatives of the Syrian opposition will only exacerbate the situation in the region. While the Turkish authorities assure that all parties were informed of the beginning of the operation. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said that Damascus through Russia were informed about the operation “Shield of the Euphrates on its territory.