France suspected the foreigners of stealing secret documents on the submarines

French authorities leading the investigation into the leak of secret documents about submarines, it is believed that the incident involved a foreign government or company, writes the Financial Times. “We find out whether a foreign government is involved or the company that, in our version, is theft,” — said the publication source close to the investigation.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency involved in the theft of documents or wanted to harm the company DCNS, which is building submarines, or to obtain military secrets. On one of versions, the documents could kidnap an employee of the company to sell this information.

The representative of the French government refused to comment on the investigation. The representative of the DCNS confirmed to Financial Times that authorities believe the cause of the leak “economic espionage” on the part of competitors. He added that military contracts is always the economic war.”

Detailed performance characteristics of the six submarines, which the French defense state-owned company DCNS is building for the Indian Navy, was published last week by the Australian newspaper The Australian. According to his version, the leak could still occur in 2011, with the data transferred some of the company from South-East Asia, a former officer of the French Navy.

The leak has jeopardized the DCNS contract with the government of Australia, which this year ordered 12 submarines for $38 billion, was the largest military contract ever concluded by the French company. Last week DCNS filed a claim for breach of trust to a certain “X” who allegedly stole the documents. The company has also started legal proceedings against The Australian, requiring you to remove already published documents and refrain from publishing new data.

DCNS competitors in the struggle for the Australian contract was the German company ThysssenKrupp and a Japanese consortium consisting of Mitsubishi and Kawasaki. Other significant players in the global market submarines are South Korean Daewoo, the American General Dynamics and the United shipbuilding company, notes the FT.

Diesel submarines of the Scorpène class are in service with India, Malaysia, Chile and Brazil. The French fleet abandoned the use of diesel submarines in favor of nuclear.