Sechin has filed a lawsuit to “Vedomosti” because of the article about the house in Barvikha

The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin has submitted to Ostankinsky court of Moscow the claim to publishing house “Business news Media”, letting out the newspaper “Vedomosti”, and journalists Rinat Sagdiev, it follows from the information posted on the court’s website.

The claim was registered on 19 August, the pre-trial interview scheduled for 12 September, the card of the business. Details of the claim in the card no.

Head of legal Department of “sheets” Vladimir Rumjantsev has told that the newspaper has not yet received the claim Sechin and do not know what material it concerns.

The representative of “Rosneft” said that the claim to “Vedomosti” filed because of an article about the house in Barvikha. The plaintiff considered contained in the newspaper information about and demanded to refute the information and to recognize the fact of invasion of privacy by the journalists, noted in comments to the official representative of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontiev, transferred a press-service “Rosneft”.

“RIA Novosti” Leontiev said that Sechin has no financial claims to the newspaper “Vedomosti” newspaper and its journalist. “Material claims in the lawsuit no, but it requires a refutation of the misrepresentations and the recognition of the fact of illegal invasion of privacy and use of personal data is the subject of the claim”, — said Leontiev.

Article by Rinat Sagdiev that Sechin is building a new house on the ruble near clinical sanatorium of the administration of President “Barvikha”, was published in “Vedomosti” on 20 July. The land area of 3 hectares is located in the centre of a new settlement, which is yet to be named, said the newspaper. The cost of land Vedomosti estimated at $60 million — if the transaction were at market prices in 2014.

Rosneft declined to comment on the personal lives of employees, as discussed in the article.

After the publication of the article on the website of “Rosneft” was published, which noted that the material “Vedomosti” was “posted without any clear information about” and prepared by a paid request in Rosreestr”. This confirms the fact that property was acquired without any offences and declared in accordance with the law and shall be subject to corresponding taxation, noted in a statement.

Rosneft also said it had “assumed the customized nature of this publication.” The company understands that the personality of its head “calls attention on the part of many commercially and politically interested individuals and institutions,” noted in the message. “However, we do not find in the edition of “Vedomosti” symmetric interest in other, no less significant to market participants, what makes us assume a custom character of this publication,” said the company.