SWIFT told customers about the new hacker break-ins

The international interbank system of information transfer SWIFT announced a new hacker attacks on banks, writes Reuters, citing a private letter system to its customers.

The letter says that hacking attempts were made from June. Some of them were successful.

The client system was undermined, and further attempts were made to send fraudulent payment instructions”, — the document says. The authors emphasize that the current threat is “persistent, adaptive and sophisticated”.

From a letter to SWIFT clients a number of banks lost money. However, exactly how much was stolen was not specified. The letter also does not specify on which banks in question. Only noted that the successful attacks have been banks, different in size and location.

The official representative of the information transmission system refused to tell the details of the incidents, noting that the firm doesn’t discuss individual customers.

In early March it became known about the large withdrawal of the Central Bank of Bangladesh. The attackers tried to withdraw $951 million where Most of the action was blocked, however, $81 million was transferred to accounts in the Philippines.

In June it was reported that investigators suspected of involvement in the theft of $81 million from the account of the Central Bank of Bangladesh hackers from Russia, Moldova and Kazakhstan. This is the conclusion they came after analysis of the malware used in the attacks against 12 Asian banks began last year.