The OPCW reported on the end of the first stage of chemical disarmament of Libya

The Director-General of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) Ahmet üzümcü announced the completion of the operation for removal from Libya of chemicals that could be used to create chemical weapons.

His statement published on the organization’s website. “The export of chemicals — the first stage of a continuing operation for reliable elimination of the remnants of no longer existing program of the Libyan chemical weapons”, — reads the statement of Director General of the OPCW.

“This international operation, which was coordinated by the OPCW, was an important step that ensures that these chemical substances will not be in the wrong hands,” said üzümcü.

In the operation of the transport of toxic substances from Libya participated USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Malta.

Earlier in Libya with the Western countries was eliminated stocks of chemical warfare agents that were already ready to use.