The regions of candidates of “United Russia” received assistance from the budget of Moscow

Money, playgrounds and beaches

Several Russian regions have received this year assistance from the Moscow budget. Agreement on financial support from Moscow government in July, said the head of administration of Saratov Valery Saraev. Moscow city hall has already transferred the Saratov 300 million rubles, they are converted into the city’s budget, confirmed by the press Secretary of the Governor of the Saratov region Nina Popova.

The money will go to repair yards, gardens, repair, and installation of fountains and parks, said Popov. Local media reported that 300 million rubles have to go repair a hundred yards in the framework of the program “Our yard”, initiated by the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin. Volodin in the list of candidates of “United Russia” in deputies of the state Duma headed the regional group, which includes the Volgograd, Penza, Saratov and Tambov region.

Exactly Volodin turned to the mayor for help to Saratov, and the project was implemented thanks to his support, explained the press Secretary of the Saratov Governor. Volodin native of the Saratov region and always tried to help the region, she said. According to Popova, concluded in 2007 an agreement between Moscow and Saratov region to a new level”, and recently in the field even passed the Days of Moscow. Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev also said that negotiations are currently underway about the allocation of Moscow another 100 million rubles for the implementation of the projects of extending the pedestrian zone on the Volga and October and the beach at new quay”.

Saratov is one of the leaders in Volga Federal district by the growth of trade turnover with Moscow — more than 90 billion rubles last year, explained the desire of Moscow to allocate money to Saratov head of the Department of national policy, interregional relations and tourism of the capital Vladimir Chernikov. According to him, the Saratov put Moscow, more than 200 trolleybuses for the last two years for the sum about 2 billion rubles.

Another 300 million rubles Moscow gratuitously transferred to the regional budget of Tver region, wrote in early June, “Tverskie Vedomosti”. Financial support of the Tver region from the government of Moscow is carried out in the framework of the signed in April agreement between the acting head of the region Igor Rodina and Sobyanin, said the head of the Department of information policy of the government of Tver region Lyudmila Romycin. 300 million rubles were transferred for repair of roads in several areas of the Tver region, which is scheduled for completion by the end of November, she said. Also in the framework of interregional agreements, the Moscow government plans to help the region to build new treatment facilities in Ostashkov, on lake Seliger, which is part of the water supply system of the capital, added Romycin.

A regional group comprising the Tver region, heads the list “an United Russia” the head of fraction in the state Duma Vladimir Vasiliev.

Financial assistance from Moscow promised to Smolensk region Deputy speaker of the state Duma United Russia Sergey Neverov, which occupies the first place in the list of United Russia in the Smolensk and Tula areas. In may Sobyanin signed by Governor Alexei Ostrovsky, a cooperation agreement between the regions. Under this agreement, the region will receive from Moscow “several hundred million rubles for the improvement and repair of public roads,” according to the website of the regional administration. About how allocated if the money was not reported, to get a comment from the administration of Smolensk region failed.

Trams and trolleybuses

In 2016, the Moscow mayor’s office also actively supplied regions of the old and new trams, trolley buses, snowplows and medical equipment.

In Saratov in addition to cash injections from Moscow, it was also ambulances and municipal vehicles. According to reports regional media, Saratov received from the capital and ten units of equipment for cleaning streets, 20 tractors, 22 ambulances. In addition, the city promised another 20 trolleybuses and tram 23. Press Secretary of the Governor of the Saratov region confirmed that the region received from the Metropolitan municipality municipal vehicles, ambulances and public transport.

Volodin also promised 43 ambulances and playgrounds Volgograd region. Local media reported that Sobyanin during his visit to the region to sign with the city contract on joint work and will give for free use several pieces of used utility vehicles from the Park of Moscow city hall, but the mayor never made it to Volgograd.

Smolensk Neverov promised ten units of harvesting machinery. The practice of signing such agreements between Moscow and other regions there are many years, emphasizes the interlocutor in an environment Neverov. Moscow more often than other regions renews the harvesting technique, and for a region like Smolensk, particularly in remote areas, such transport is required, said the source .

Tula was also promised by the Moscow buses, trams and trolleybuses. On 19 August, the Moscow city government donated to the Tula region 20 buses “Volzhanin”, according to the Ministry of transport and road economy of Tula region. Also the city authorities plan to transfer to the region of another 20 buses, 30 trams and 25 trolleybuses.

The average cost of a new trolleybus is 11.3 million rubles, tram — 16,5 million roubles, follows from the last procurement of the Metropolitan transport authorities.

“The mayor receives treatment from the regions. In case of positive decision the Department of transportation starts to pick up the necessary rolling stock. The mayor wants a pass-through transport was not very old,” said the official of the government of Moscow.

Not all regions of the request for transfer of equipment the Moscow authorities respond positively. In the spring of 2016, shortly after the announcement of the elimination of part of the trolleybus routes in the center of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin received letters from the mayors of the cities of Omsk, Novosibirsk and Barnaul and a number of deputies of the state Duma with a request to give them unnecessary trolley. Then the city authorities have considered the transmission of inappropriate, said the response of officials in Moscow on the request of the Deputy Alexander Ageev.

Some regions bought Mosgortrans part of the old rolling stock. The authorities of Smolensk acquired of 10.07 million RUB from Mosgortrans ten trams 1998-1999 model years. City hall of Novosibirsk has bought ten more of the old trams, 1994-1998 model years, for 4.5 million rubles.

The source in the government of Moscow were undecided, which affects the terms of the sale or donation of transportation to the regional cities. “This is a personal decision of the mayor,” he says.

At the request of the mayor

Assistance of the government of Moscow to Russian cities is in the framework of agreements on trade and economic cooperation, said the representative of the government of Moscow Vladimir Chernikov. “Regions put in the food, between the capital and the cities is constantly going on cultural exchange”, — he explained. According to officials, these agreements contribute to strengthening relations between Moscow and throughout the country. Over the past two years have signed 16 agreements, said Chernikov. Just signed 78 agreements with the regions, the official added.

In recent years it was reported as active assistance of the Moscow regional authorities. In 2014, Moscow and 20 other regions helped Sevastopol and the Crimea. As a result, the districts received aid from the Russian regions more than 2.7 billion rubles In the Moscow budget in 2014 was spent 3.3 billion RUB on transfers, RUB 440 million was provided in 2015, in 2016 in the Moscow budget includes 774 million rubles.

Transport in recent years Moscow authorities have also not distributed. In 2014, Sevastopol was given nine trolleybuses and three fire engines in 2010, several trolleybuses Moscow gave Tver and Podolsk, data of regional mass media.

The mayor in the best traditions of Luzhkov PR as a Federal politician, believes the expert of the Moscow Carnegie Centre Nikolai Petrov.

The former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov often make gifts to regions, he built schools, houses, gave second-hand trams and utility equipment. In Tula in 1999, he was given credit for 31 million rubles through the Bank, the Government of Moscow” for the payment of wages to employees. Terrible in 2003, Luzhkov built the government house and gave the residential trailer 34 and 29 wagons with building materials, Kazan in 2005 the fountain, which cost more than €1 million, and 100 million rubles for the improvement of 22 houses in the street of Uprising, the Tskhinval district of Moscow in 2008. Do not forget Luzhkov and the Crimea: in 2002, gave the ferry, and in 2009, school and clinic Sevastopol.

Sobyanin is one of the driving forces of the election campaign “United Russia”, he tops the list in Moscow, and he has the resources to help other regions, said political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. According to him, Sobyanin has aid that can be recorded on the account of the leaders of the regional lists in other regions, were able to negotiate with him.