Candidates used a ruler to the schools for propaganda

Word candidates

Some complaints about the campaign during the celebrations on 1 September came from the village of Inozemtsevo in Stavropol Krai, according to the website “Map of violations at elections” movement in defense of voters ‘ rights “Golos”. In school, MBOU SOSH No. 5 the Director gave the floor to the candidate of Sergei Vorobiev, the current Deputy of the Duma of Zheleznovodsk, who said that “United Russia” will continue to represent the interests of children and parents. It is also reported that there were again running for Duma Deputy of Stavropol Krai of the “United Russia” Igor Nikolaev, diaries that mention his name were distributed free to students.

In the Cossack Lyceum of the same village “Friendship of peoples of the Caucasus” on the ruler were made by candidates from “an United Russia” the Deputy of the Duma of Zheleznovodsk Natalia Udachin Andrey Kononov. The authors of the letter wrote that the deputies congratulated the students and said kind words about the party “United Russia”, and there was heard the diaries and drinking lessons with the logo of the party.

The line of MBOU Nachalnaya SHKOLA was made by two deputies of the city Duma, United Russia Roman Statsenko and Yevhen Matviyenko and handed out lesson schedules with the logo of the party.

The representative a press-services of branch of “United Russia” in the Stavropol region confirmed that the candidates of the party were present on the rulers. According to her, they were there “legally”, candidates from other parties were also able to inform schools and to make. United Russia “simply congratulated parents and students from 1 September, no agitation and distribution of diaries and other promotional materials, she said.

In Kaliningrad on the line in MAOU SOSH n 31 candidates to the regional Duma and the city Council Arinzeh Olga and Andrey Kropotkin addressed the students and presented gifts, and school children waved flags of “United Russia”. Press Secretary of the Kaliningrad branch of “United Russia” said that has no information and cannot comment.

Rubber agitation

On the holiday line in Saint-Petersburg school No. 371, No. 537 and No. 643 handing out blue balls “this Sunday 1 September” with the name of the Deputy of the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly from “an United Russia” Vitaly Milonov, a photo with a festive ball on the line posted on his Facebook chief editor of the newspaper “St. Petersburg diary” Alexei Dementiev. The MP retorted that nothing can be done about it, “if parents took the balls and handed over to the children, and they took them to school, and that the balls did not call to vote for him. Milon is running for the Duma in single-mandate district in St. Petersburg from the “United Russia”.

On the line in the school № 93 of the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg, the activists handed out to the parents the red balls with the name of the head of the Communist party faction in the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Vladimir Dmitriev. This was reported by the newspaper “My district”. In an interview with the Deputy said he was not giving his assistants orders and learned about the beads from the reporter , but promised to “look into the situation.” Dmitriev is elected to the legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg, elections in which will pass in the uniform voting day on September 18.

Branch of “Young guard of United Russia” in the Altai region said “Vkontakte”, which has attracted students of Altai pedagogical University the flash mob. “More than 700 freshmen lined with balloons with symbolics of “United Russia” in the colors of the Russian tricolor” — written by young.

Calendars, insurance, diaries

Nizhny Novgorod branch of “United Russia” on September 1 will distribute 35 thousand students insurance policies, according to the website of the Department. “To give them will be representatives of the party’s deputies, activists of the United Russia”, — reads the news. Party insurance provides compensation in case of accident with a child. United Russia stressed that the project on insurance of first-graders “In the future with the “United Russia” the local branch holds since 2004.

In one of the Novosibirsk schools students received a form for the schedule of lessons with the symbols of “United Russia”, wrote one parent on social networks. The employee of the press-service of Novosibirsk branch of the party asked to comment on the situation said that the Department “this information has been received.

According to the newspaper “My district”, St.-Petersburg campaign was engaged in by the school, the candidate for the legislative Assembly of the city of LDPR Andrey Aleskerov. According to an eyewitness, the unknown woman at the school gates handing out calendars with his image.

Member of the Supreme Council of LDPR, the Deputy of the state Duma Mikhail Degtyarev has confirmed that the candidates of the party involved in the lines. “Our candidates in the status of deputies of the legislative Assembly and the state Duma say the speech, but a campaign we don’t do in schools, but to go to a baseball cap or with an icon of the liberal democratic party is welcomed and quite legally,” he explained. According to the Deputy, the LDPR candidates use campaign materials such as class schedules, rulers, calendars, diaries, — “that will be useful for pupils.”

According to the law on education in state and municipal educational institutions of the establishment and activities of political parties are not allowed, as well as forcing students to join political parties, as well as compelling them to participate in propaganda campaigns and political actions.

The performance of the candidate in school violates the law, as in educational institutions is prohibited not only campaigning, but also any political activity, says lawyer “Voice” Stanislaw Raczynski. “Today is the day of massive violations of the law in large part of schools in the country”, he concluded.

If schools distributed materials with the symbols of parties, it indirectly violates the law on education, experts on election law Andrey Buzin. “This is an indirect propaganda, which is not very well defined by law. But most importantly, it usually involved one party — “United Russia”, and is a manifestation of inequality of participants of elections,” he says.