France demanded the suspension of EU talks with the US on free trade

France demanded the suspension of EU talks with the US on free trade

Moscow. August 30. France after Germany called for an end to negotiations between the EU and the USA on free trade, said Tuesday the Secretary of state for foreign trade at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of France, Matthias Fekl.

“France demands end to negotiations on TAFTA (Transatlantic free trade area) and TTIP (Transatlantic partnership in trade and investment),” wrote the Secretary of state in his Twitter account.

On the eve of the Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel announced the failure of negotiations on a free trade area between the EU and the USA.

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Negotiations on the Transatlantic partnership in trade and investment aimed at creating the largest in human history of free trade space, which includes two main economic center of the planet – the US and the EU.

Negotiations are difficult due to significant difference in socio-economic models and business traditions of America and Europe. Against them in the EU are influential groups who believe that the creation of the TTIP will destroy the “European social model” of development and will negatively affect the labour rights of citizens. Critics of the Treaty believe that it will weaken the control over the protection of the environment.

At the same time, the sides have been discussing specifically one after the other controversial points, to remove many of the differences.

Brussels and Washington want to complete the negotiations and sign the agreement before the end of the mandate of the Obama administration. Otherwise, according to many observers in Brussels, the agreement will be postponed indefinitely.