Hacked mail, Hillary Clinton, the hacker received a prison sentence in the United States

Court of the city of Alexandria (VA) rendered a verdict against the Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar, who has previously admitted hacking into the email Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, according to Reuters. A hacker operating under the pseudonym Guccifer, was sentenced to one year and four months in prison for cyber crimes.

Previously, Lazar was convicted in Romania for seven years for fraud, and in April he was extradited to the United States, where he was charged with the cybercrime of the nine points.

In early may, the hacker said in an interview with Fox News that was repeatedly hacked personal mail server, Hillary Clinton, which she used during his tenure as Secretary of state.

Lazar claimed that he first broke into the account of Sidney Blumenthal, assistant to Clinton and used the information to hack the mail server of Clinton. According to Lazar, he made hacking, being in a small Romanian village.

Later Blumenthal in a conversation with Fox News suggested that Lazare could be working for foreign intelligence. Assistant Clinton claimed that a Romanian hacker has worked with the Russian server. “He may be a member of Russian information operations,” said Blumenthal.

The scandal surrounding e-mails, Clinton erupted in March 2015, when it became known that she, as Secretary of state (2009-2013), used for correspondence via personal email, although the US administration prohibits it. Clinton claimed that she passed confidential data on personal email and basically kept up a correspondence with the closest circle of advisors.

In early July, Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI. Details were not unveiled, but later the Bureau reported on the results of the investigation. The Agency recommended that the US Department of justice to make the case for Clinton. U.S. attorney General decided not to present a candidate from the Democratic party any charges.