In the Kremlin told about the meeting of Putin with the students of Eton College

Meeting of President Vladimir Putin with students of the British elite at Eton College, which had previously reported the newspaper the Times, wore not public, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on Thursday.

“It was a totally private meeting, she wore a non-public nature. It is simply a conversation with no agenda-free communication. It was interesting to the President, and the guys,” — said Peskov.

To transfer the contents of Putin’s conversation with students, he refused.

According to him, the students of Eton, willing to talk with Putin, addressed a request for assistance in organizing the meeting to the priest Tikhon (Shevkunov), who spoke at their school. “Such a request father Tikhon was transferred to the administration and with the assistance of the administration of such communication with the President was secured,” — said Peskov.

To the question about the relationship of Putin and father Tikhon Peskov said that he did not. According to him, father Tikhon involved in various projects of the Kremlin, which oversees the administration of the President, “so contact with them is true.”

“The Confessor is not a priest, I can’t say. But you know he’s quite well-known in addition to his ecclesiastical dignity, he is also quite well-known public and scientific figure,” — said Peskov.

In February, Bishop Tikhon in the interview did not answer the question of why he is called the Confessor of Putin.

Earlier, the British newspaper the Times reported that in late August Vladimir Putin met in the Kremlin ten students from Eton College and talked with them for hours. As the newspaper, the visit of British students was aimed at improving relations between Russia and the West.

One of the participants David Wei said that her organization took ten months, 1040 letters, 1000 text messages and countless sleepless nights.” That itonce requested the assistance of Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov), reported the Russian service Bi-bi-si with reference to the assistant priest.