Media reported about the meeting of Putin with the students of the elite British College

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with students of the British elite at Eton College, The Times reports. The meeting, which was held in the Kremlin, the students of Eton were prepared almost in secret environment, and their visit was aimed at defusing the relations of the West with the Russian leader, says the publication.

Putin took ten students of Eton in the meeting room and held a conversation with them, which lasted about an hour. The room was also a photographer and film crew. Guests of the Russian President were dressed in suits. During the group photo, some of them lay on the floor, writes The Times.

Students photos from the Kremlin has caused considerable surprise in College, the newspaper notes, because teachers did not know of the impending visit of their students to the Russian President.

As pointed out by The Times, the meeting took place during British Bank holidays from 27 to 29 August.

At Eton College, among the graduates of which 19 Prime Ministers of great Britain and many state and public figures, there is a long tradition of communities, which are run by the students themselves. Young people learn to organize events, writing invitations to potential guests, and use family or other connections to attract prominent speakers.

Usually such events are held in the College and during semesters. However, the group of students who visited the Kremlin, the last year secretly planned this event in terms of the tense British-Russian relations.

According to one of the members of staff of the Kremlin David Wei, to prepare the visit, Putin took ten months, 1040 letters, 1000 text messages and countless sleepless nights.” After confirmation, obtained through the application of the Kremlin in Facebook, Wei wrote: “Guys, we really gave Putin a deep impression and he answered us, showing its human face”.

As marks Bi-bi-si, students meeting with Putin was “surprised” by the British press. So, The Telegraph and The Sun said that they met with the Russian President even before the new British Prime Minister Theresa may. Her first meeting with Putin should be held in the framework of the summit in China on 4-5 September.

The media also noticed that some of the young men who visited the Kremlin, thanked in social networks “Bishop Tikhon”. In conversation with the Russian service Bi-bi-si, the assistant Bishop of Egorievsk Tikhon (Shevkunov) told me that itonce turned to the priest asking if they can visit Moscow during his visit to the College in March of this year.

Eton College The King’s College of Our Lady of Eton beside Windsor) — private British school for boys aged 13-18, founded in 1440, near Windsor castle. In College of about 1,300 students who received training on a Royal scholarship.