Putin urged those wishing to become leaders of students “not to be arrogant”

The people claiming the leadership should not “perk up”. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with students of grammar school number 2 of Vladivostok.

“Whoever wants to be considered a leader and get some nomination should never perk up in believing that he is the best,” he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to Putin, “as soon as man begins to believe that he is the best, from that moment he begins to play”. “Ambition is good, arrogance is bad”, — concluded the President.

In the course of communication with the President, students asked about how to lead the state for many years. “What — I won’t say it’s the people who determine the election come and vote,” — said the President. He added that you need to learn all my life, all the time.”

As notes “Interfax”, in the gymnasium Putin talked with high school students, and visited the editor of the school newspaper. Prior to that, he held a meeting with the principal of the school.