The Central Bank recorded a decrease in the number who believe in the strengthening of the ruble Russians

Only 13% of Russians believe that in a year the ruble against the dollar will be higher than now, according to a survey “the old”, published on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The share of Russians who are confident in the strengthening of the ruble, declining for the fourth consecutive month and reached the lowest level since December 2015. Below the level of 13% the last time it dropped in September of 2014 (11%).

Almost a third of respondents (32%) believe that significant changes of the ruble during the year will not happen. Another 30% predict a rise in price of dollar. Compared to the previous month, the share of those who believe in the strengthening of the dollar, increased by 1 percentage point.

The lowest in the last two years the number of Russians who predict a strengthening of the dollar, was recorded in April of 2015, when growth in the value of the American currency was expecting only 15% of respondents “old”. In the same month occurred the highest level of confidence of Russians in the future of the ruble strengthening was expected 29% of respondents.

Despite the decline in confidence in the strengthening of the Russian currency, most Russians still prefer to save money for a rainy day in rubles. In August 2016 this option is called optimal 72% of respondents “old”. This is 4 percentage points less than a month ago.

Previously, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported that investors expect in September 2016, the leadership of the Federal reserve system (FRS) may take a decision on raising short-term interest rates that would make more attractive investments in dollar-denominated assets and lead to new growth of the dollar.

In turn, the experts of the Central Bank predicted the persistence of volatility of ruble exchange rate in the third quarter of 2016.