The government has proposed to reform premiums

To simplify and expedite procedures for coordination among departments and agencies of the government proposed to introduce a new system of awarding officials based on project approach, they write “Vedomosti”. New method of motivation is discussed in the government, the sources told the publication.

Premiums will be paid according to the results of participation in project groups that will be established on the basis of the ministries for specific tasks. The group will include members of the various ministries and will be chaired by each of the Deputy or Department Director. The team leader will manage employees from other ministries, including the more senior, the newspaper explained the Federal official that may lead to conflict between ministries.

Now according to the current order to the award official is the supervisor. The government is discussing the idea of linking the prize to work on the project, and to define it is not only the Minister but also head of the project group. One of the officials said that final decisions yet, to change the order, you will need to amend the law on civil service.

One of the Federal officials said that the award, rather, are not encouraging, and part of the salary. According to him, the share of salary in official salary is small, the bulk of revenues are premiums. As explained by the newspaper, the rector Ranhigs Alexander Safonov, cash incentive in the civil service shall be paid not less than six times a year, the Fund office is distributed among the departments, then the Director of the Department determines the award. Not to say he believes that the award is not tied to the result — head subjectively evaluates the intensity and the quality of the work, but specific criteria have not been recorded.

Safonov also warned that the new award process is not able to get rid of red tape, if there is a conflict of interest. Since the decisions about the award made by the Minister to oblige him to take into account the proposals of the project Manager, you need a government. And the order can be circumvented, he said. If the Minister is not interested in the project and gives his Deputy, is involved in the project, drag out the command to his Deputy will lose the award for design team, but the Minister will encourage his Italian strike.