The interior Ministry began checking the Deputy head of the Ministry of culture on a conflict of interest

Check Quebec

The main Directorate of economic security and counteraction of corruption (Guebipk) interior Ministry checks information on conflict of interest in the culture and violations of law in the organization of state orders for restoration. This follows from the response of the acting chief Guebipk Yevgeny Lukin at the request of the Deputy Alexander Ageev.

According to Lukin, the verification of the information contained Ageev in the query is Guebipk on behalf of the leadership of the Ministry of interior in cooperation with the Department of the interior in Moscow. Verification of treatment is not yet complete, said Lukin, therefore the term of consideration is extended to 17 September this year.

In the request sent to the interior Ministry on July 19, Ageev asked to check the activities of the Deputy Minister Vladimir Aristarkhov and his brother Andrey Aristarkhov, who worked as the General Director of JSC “Restoration company”. The Deputy admitted that the activities of the brothers in their posts may be a conflict of interest, it also pointed out earlier and state Duma deputies Sergei Obukhov and Valery Rashkin (both — Communist party) who did not like that the “Restoration company” under the leadership of Andrew Aristarkhova won the tenders of the Ministry of culture, where Vladimir Aristarkhov.

According to estimates , “the Restoration company” in the autumn 2014 to March 2016 have signed contracts for restoration in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles on 20 may 2016, after publications Andrey Aristarkhov resigned as Director of “Restoration companies”. Officially, his departure was explained as the “avoidance of conflict of interest that could arise in connection with the incident in the beginning of this year, the Ministry of culture of Russia redistribution of power”.

Ageev also pointed to possible abuses in bidding for a state contract for the restoration and repair of objects of culture. These contests, which were organized by the Ministry of culture, has won three of the structure — joint-stock company “the Restoration company”, joint-stock company “Interregional scientific restoration artistic management (mnru) and joint-stock company memorials “Spetsproektrestavratsiya”.

As reported by the newspaper Trud, which cites Ageev in your request, these companies were associated with the Ministry of culture. The Agency initiated their shareholding, after which they were to unite into one big structure restoration under the guise of “Restoration companies”. The idea to create a single restoration center officials of the Ministry of culture said in early June 2015, and prior to the merger in the companies were assigned new leaders. Enterprises in the end did not happen, that does not prevent companies to perform at the competitions office as the only contenders for the contract. From September 2015 to March 2016 these three companies have won tenders for a total amount of about 1.8 billion rubles, as calculated in the “Work”.

In addition, Ageyev in its request talks about the possibility of deliberate bankruptcy of one of Russia’s oldest restoration companies — FSUE “Scientific and production company “Resma”, which was subordinated to the Ministry of culture.

In addition, the Ministry of internal Affairs Ageev sent a similar request to the Prosecutor General, which is also the beginning of the test stated by the Deputy information and media publications.

In a press-service of the Ministry of culture said that the position of the Agency regarding inspections by law enforcement bodies of complaints of deputies has not changed. Earlier, representatives of the Ministry said that duties of Vladimir Aristarkhov as first Deputy Minister from October 2015 to July 2016 was not in any way associated with the activities of the asset management Department and investment policy of the Ministry of culture, which oversaw the restoration, neither the government, nor with the activity of JSC “Restoration company”. Including therefore, concluded officials, Vladimir Aristarkhova could be no conflict of interest.

also sent a request to the interior Ministry concerning the inspection.

Theft and interest to buildings

In recent months high-ranking officials of the culture Ministry become involved in major scandals. Deputy Minister Grigory Pirumov in March were detained by field investigators of FSB, and then arrested on charges of major embezzlement in the restoration of monuments of history — the Novodevichy monastery, the Drama theatre in Pskov, St. John the Baptist monastery, the Museum of Cosmonautics in Kaluga and Izborsk fortress. Now Pirumov is in jail.

Along with him, investigators arrested five people: the Director of the asset management Department of the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, Director Tsentrrestavratsiya Oleg Ivanov, Director of the company “Baltstroy” Dmitry Sergeev, managing company “Baltstroy” Alexander Kochenov and Advisor to the General Director of the company “Linnet-consult” Nikita Kolesnikov.

MPs complained of in the TFR and Vladimir Medinsky and the actions of his subordinates to evict organizations from Moscow city centre, this scandal also figured Pirumov and Maso. Deputies Mikhail Bryachak, Alexander Tarnavsky Mikhail Serdyuk (“Fair Russia”) wrote that the building of the Academy of choral art named after V. S. Popov, on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street was in 2008 donated to the charity Fund “Support and development of music education”, but the current leadership of the Ministry of culture decided to return it and initiated dozens of inspections Fund the various jurisdictions.

Vladimir Aristarkhov said that the essence of the conflict lies in the absence of the consent of the Federal property management Agency the transfer of the building in the gratuitous use of the Fund for Support and development of music education”. Subsequently, the Federal property management Agency on the appeal of the Ministry of culture has addressed in Arbitration court of Moscow with the claim about recognition of the transaction on transfer of the building is negligible. But on 4 August Moscow arbitration court the claim was denied, acknowledging the transfer of the building to use legal. However, even before the court decision of territorial administration of Rosimushchestvo across Moscow has published the order about withdrawal of the Treasury building and then send it to the Moscow state Institute of culture (podvedomtsvenny the Ministry of culture), which is located in the Moscow region, told the President of Fund of Support and development of music education” Grigory Ivanov.