Vaino was replaced by Ivanov at the presidential Council for countering corruption

The new head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino, a presidential decree appointed Chairman of the presidential Council on combating corruption and the Bureau of the relevant Council.

The former head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, in whose place came Vaino, the same decree was excluded from the composition of the Council for countering corruption and its Presidium.

Earlier Vaino presidential decree has been included in the composition of the presidential Commission for civil service and management personnel pool and Ivanov expelled from the fee.

44-year-old Vaino was appointed head of the presidential administration on 12 August. Prior to this he held the position of Deputy Ivanov, in which oversaw the Protocol, workflow, schedule and staffing issues. In the past Vaino was head of Protocol of the Prime Minister, and also worked at the posts of the first Deputy head of Protocol of the President and the Deputy head of the government apparatus.

Putin explained that Ivanov himself asked to another job, and the President reacted to his request “with understanding.”

Ivanov about five years headed administration of the Kremlin.

In turn, Ivanov headed the administration from December 2011. After his dismissal he held the post of special representative of the President on environmental issues, ecology and transport.

Vaino soon after Ivanov’s resignation was included in the composition of the security Council, while their place in it, and has kept the former head of the administration.